How do you do jumps

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i don't know how to do jumps

please help me

osu! version: Stable 20191006.1 (latest)
aim at the circles?

UnnamedBeast wrote:

aim at the circles?
don't forget the part where you click it
1. move mouse
2. click when pointer over circle
you're on your way to becoming an osu champion
Cyan Cookie
Click the circles...
To the beat!

Jokes aside, you should listen to the song carefully to get the beat right and stay on the beat. I like thinking about the moving of the cursor and the clicking as a single motion which I repeat for every beat rather than clicking to the beat and moving the mouse independently (I'm pretty sure basically everyone does this) which means that when I do jumps my cursor is snapping to each beat and clicking rather than flowing through them.

Other than that, it's just practice. There are plenty of practice jump maps out there, go find one with a suitable bpm and practice it until you can achieve satisfactory results five times in a row.

Seeing as you had only just started this game within the last month, you're probably doing fine for your level. Improvement in the first few weeks is pretty fast, you'll be doing 100bpm cross-map jumps in no time!

Then again, I'm a high six-digit, so I'm probably not too much better anyways :P
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