Online ranking panel - small cosmetic problem [confirmed] [added]

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Every time you get a completely new online rank on a map, the yellow box indicating your rank is a bit smaller than the other ones. Doesn't happen for green/grey/red boxes, only if it's an actual *new* record.

Screenshot from a chart-map, to show the difference between green and yellow boxes. Tested it on non-chart maps as well, the behavior is the same.

(On an unrelated note, the "time remaining" indicator for the chart is hidden because of the rather long chart theme name)
Noticed this earlier today. Confirming.
To add to that, if your rank on a map is very large (Like say, rank 15,000 or something) The numbers get too long for the yellow box because the font is so big, and makes the yellow box extend itself downward to fit a single digit or something.
The font is smaller now, to allow for that. This is the reason this bug was caused in the first place.
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