Li Mania Mod Q (NM/M4M)

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Modding Queue Objective (Used to be some of my nomination checkpoint)
  1. General Audio and Hitsound Quality check
  2. Pattern suggestion according to my aesthetic and playability views
  3. Unsnapped Timing Lines or Notes
  4. Missing or Unused Files

Rules (The most basic requirement for beatmap ranking process)
  1. Your Beatmap must be ready at Pending State
  2. Fully Hitsounded
  3. 4K - 8K

Preference (Higher chance to get your map modded by me)
  1. The Song is from Rhythm Games
  2. Less than 3:00
  3. M4M with my following map ( AngelFalse / Xevel )

Request Format
  1. Title :
  2. Link :
  3. Info :

Thank You and Happy Mapping!
M4M request (in fact, I already put some stuff here and here)

  1. Title: Clockwork Spooks
  2. Link:
  3. Info: Insane is underrated and top difficulty is even more so. I prefer if you can do either of those diffs, but if you can't that's okay. Just mod as far as you can
nm pls because me still learning how to mod well owowowowo

title: super driver
info: i need mods on normal/hard (especially after end of kiai on hard). also, sorry this doesn't really fall under your preference but i'm assuming you don't mean it's required to be from a rhythm game but instead you like songs from rhythm games. but if it is, then i'm sorry for this waste of time :^)
Hello Decade

NM / M4M request please (If M4M, please send a message to me, i'll take xevel)

Title : Chino (CV: Minase Inori) - Mirai Puzzle
Link :
Info : Mainly focus on vocal. need mods on all diff if possible. not a song from rhthm games but hope you will take this one

PS : Your URL on AngelFalse is Wrong. you input xevel url rather than AngelFalse. please fix it www

thanks in advance
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Last Requests:
  1. -NoName- : M4M Done!
  2. BaniiYanii : Sorry I have to skip your map because it didn't fullfil my prefrences (If you did M4M, I would accept it)
  3. RiP46 : M4M Done!

NM, but i'd be down for M4M as well tbh

Title : PSYQUI feat. mikanzil - Bye or not
Link :
Info : i guess exh would need mods the most but anythings fine

thank you
Hi, M4M req(AngelFalse modding now)
Title : eicative - R.I.P.
Link :
Info : I wanna mods all 4k diff(normal, hyper, another, remnant) XD
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Last Requests:
KeppSado: NM Done!
Pengdoll: M4M Done!
Hi! Would like to M4M with Xevel

Title : Co shu Nie - ZETTAI ZETSUMEI (TV Size)
Link :
Info : You can mod anything you like except the Sya's Easy (the easy one is on hold)

hello, nm request

Title : Memme - Goat Fantasia
Link :
Info : trying to get mods for my gd'ers, the hs is done in a separate diff but havent applied yet (im std mapper, idk much about mania hitsounding)

thanks in advance
NM Request

Title : squartatrice
Link :
Info : it has a lot of streams and its 4:42 long, you can mod any diff u want
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