I have problem with ar 9 songs.

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Idk why when i play ar10 for me is really easier, i cant play ar9.
ar9.5 its fine but ar9 no.
now i cant play a lot of beatmap,but i can pass 7* ar 10 or 6* ar10
And i need to play with HR every beatmap.
Someone have this problem.

*its my first time on a forum, and sorry for my bad eng.
You can't read that's why.
play more nomod
if you only play AR10 you'll only get good at AR10, kind obvious, isn't it?
ya need to learn to read
Read don't react.
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k thanks guys

Meteor- wrote:

k thanks guys
Let me go more in-depth on this one sec:
Okay as stated above, the issue is that right now you can't read AR 9. Now, this is probably due to you only sticking to one AR, Mod etc and not going out of your comfort zone much. If you want to improve at lower AR, I'd recommend you try play a variety of maps ranging from all sorts of AR, even if you have to go out of your comfort zone at times; I don't suggest you play suppperr hard maps and then start getting mind blocked, but by playing more maps you'll be able to read different AR's; again this isn't 1 day improvement AR God, it'll take time. Also, I heard this awhile ago, rather than the AR you're trying to learn, try to learn an AR lower; this can speed up the progress of learning the AR you want to.
Hanu Zen
I have had the same kinda problem... kinda.

All i did was download every nightcore or 2010 ish beatmap and grind till fc.
That way i got better at manny thing like reading, predictions and low ar training.
In my experience, if I somehow stumbled upon weird pattern that I can't read, I usually use hidden mode to tell my brain "press when those circles were gone" and that also worked out at low AR for me

PS: I can't read low AR
A skin with not very transparent circles and noticeable combo colors helps. Read by what's on the screen, not by what appears there.
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