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Sounds like a great idea! Support :P
This sounds like a good idea, it has my support. I'd be interesting to see CTB-specific tag4 maps, hehe.

Shana wrote:

I saw this too ! Support.
This was really funny xD
Con pros, contras y todo eso.

Still supporting.
w/e i have an extra star
Latency makes it a bit hard to achieve, unfortunately.
How disappointing. D:

peppy wrote:

Latency makes it a bit hard to achieve, unfortunately.
how you did it in standard?

I was thinking about that for a while.
Don Omar
We can simply divide the screen by so many parts as players play (but max 4), if there are 6 players playing, the screen divides by 3 and 2 players are in same zone, if there are 8 - the screen divides by 4.
I'd support this but I used my votes to jump-start eldnl's suggestion. But still, you got my support here too!

peppy wrote:

Latency makes it a bit hard to achieve, unfortunately.
What I was thinking, is that Player 1's movement is independent of Player 2's. So Player 2 can move freely with their own ghost image of their catcher. Player 1's catcher will still be visible, latency will indeed make it difficult for it to show Player 2 exactly how well they're doing. It'll still show the combo and result score like in Osu! mode, though, even if the catcher displaying on Player 2's end isn't exactly catching it on their end. And when it's player 2's turn, Player 2 will have the ability to catch the fruits of the next combo. Then Player 1 has their catcher as a ghost. Doing this should eliminate the effect latency has on the actual game play, I think.
I support this. I want to try out. :3
Really hoping this is implemented soon, would love to play some super hard maps coop (Also it should be done the same as it was for standard.)
Seems very gimmicky to me. I mean more than Tag already is. I mean sure it sounds like a good idea, but then I think about how much reliance you would need to have on your tagmates to put you in a proper position, and tag's nature makes for blocky, cumbersome, unnatural movements, which do not translate into good CTB playing.

Is it really worth the effort to get it to work?
So apparently this actually is possible! You just select coop tag in osu!standard mode of the multi lobby, then choose a CTB-specific diff. It's way buggy and hard to control, but still fun as hell:
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Well the point of this thread is to actually fix it!
ahahaha, seens fun
Well the problem actually is when it's not your turn then you see autoplay playing, not your mates. If this is accepted I could try to make some ctb tag maps. If the latency is the real problem of making this works good (and we all know how much timing is important in CtB) it could be a good idea to think about another style of gameplay for tagcoop games. Maybe more than one ryuuta could be fun, maybe dividing screen as Don Omar have proposed could be fun too... Another idea could be throw "ailments" to the other players (Like switching left and right arrow, or making the ryuuta smaller) it's not a coop but it's another kind of multiplaying discuss.

eldnl wrote:

peppy wrote:

Latency makes it a bit hard to achieve, unfortunately.
how you did it in standard?
You can see the latency in standard. I usually see the other players getting misses just after a hard pattern and never in the hard pattern. In fact they miss in the hard pattern and you only see them missing the next fruits, this due to latency. You don't see your mates playing, you only see their miss (and not each time in the good object) when your computer receive the information that they've missed.
Really wanna see this get done.
Bumping this up due to the star count.

anyway, for a short time, there was a bit of thing (bug? feature?) in osu!'s programming that allowed Coop in all modes. When it wasn't the player's turn, auto would play the map for you until it's your turn, missing things accordingly if your teammates miss (just not visible on your end until it happens) But surprisingly enough, this worked amazingly well for CtB. Me, and a group of friends, had an actual, true, round of TAG COOP in CTB, without interruptions, problems, auto would leave you right there in the middle of the first fruit you needed to catch and lets you go on your merry way to fail or succeed. I was baffled, and excited! then day(s) later, it was removed, and I cried in bed. Because really, it worked, bug or no bug. I WANT THIS.
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