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I'n not entirely sure if this is the correct forum for this question but it is what it is.
I was just thinking of moving from mouse to a tablet; a Wacom Intuos tablet. However they come in two sizes, small and medium soooo i'm not entirely sure which on is best for not only Osu but some drawing on the side.
I see youtubers and streamers using relatively small sized tablets for Osu however they are not really good for drawing. This is why i thought of getting the Medium Wacom Intuos instead as it is larger = better for drawing but i want to ask would i play worse on a medium tablet on osu than i would if i played on a small tablet?

Thanks :)
If you want medium/the larger size for drawing then do that, just readjust area when you play osu if its too big
bear in mind that if you play osu on a medium tablet that you also intend to use for drawing, you're going to end up with a small mirror polished area in the middle of your drawing surface that corresponds to your osu play area

this may or may not be relevant to your decision, but you only need a small tablet for osu
You don't have to use full area of a tablet to play osu, driver lets you make as small as you want. You can get a medium tablet and use different area sizes for drawing and osu
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Get the biggest for drawing. The surface doesn't care if you use a cover, anything thin and not metal/magnetic probably works fine. Osu! is playable with as big an area as you want to play it with, but it does take a lot of effort if you didn't play with low sens before.

Arm aim can be pretty hazardous to pen when getting used to it, easy to use too much force.
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