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I don't know why, but I experienced this earlier as my internet went out. Our modem starts with the local connections, then takes some time to connect to the web socket. I started Osu! as my modem started itself, and said "Osu! is about to update!" and tried to update itself. It didn't have a proper internet connection, and threw to me some wacky error code. (I cannot recreate this unless I reboot my internet and make it happen again, and my Older sister won't be too happy with that..) And the changelog window instead showed a problem loading for a while, until my modem displayed a page that the modem started up and was ready.

Pretty funky experience that Osu! goes through. Maybe it's because it thinks if it can't connect, it needs to update or something? Or maybe it'll do so if it can't reach the server?

I'm kind of clueless which, but something that Osu! relies on to update isn't exactly accurate.
Does something on your network return weird responses when you visit websites without the connection established?
Well, when this happens, a network game I play returns Sock Error #10014 and after a while while it's setting up it'll return a cannot resolve error.
When I visit a website, it says it cannot find the server, as in it can't locate it.
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