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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
This, is in fact a pretty simple request. I don't know if it would earn players extra points or anything, but.. It's basically a modifier that plays the song and beatmap backwards instead, and you have to complete the song in reverse as a result. Could be a cool modifier to fool around with, even if it doesn't award points. I'm sure quite a lot of people out there would fool around with it and use it once in a while. :)

I don't know if such a modifier would be worthy of having point value, though. Perhaps it can be discussed?
sounds interesting.
Oh, and it also fits with every modifier in the game without a hitch too. I never realized that before, but it won't hinder anything else if it's added.
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That's why it's a mod suggestion, archangel. Nobody would force you to play it, like doubletime or nightcore mods.

This sounds like a cool idea though. +support
I just expressed my opinion on
this matter. And on Nightcore,
DT and other modes are
equally a lot and I like all of
them, but the idea of ​​a
Reverse mod I think "stupid
and stupid © peppy", because
with it the music is almost
completely lost its melody.
backmasking a song is ok but a completely reversed one sucks

anyway, in the reversing order of the hit objects sound cool...
if you want to release yourself out of the deathstream first
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