USA osu!standard Tournament [Concluded]

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silmarilen wrote:

Nikki wrote:

OMG I wanna totes join this tournament. I think I can win because I'm the baddest bitch. Like I really think I can win because like... like I said like when i walk in the room I make a statement just by walking in the room. So like I think I could intimidate people with my presence.
automatic win before it even started
Alpha Kitten
everidey 17-23 gmt+3
Topic Starter
Oh yeah, I'm not adding people w/o US flags yet. Don't worry, I'll follow you guys up but for now I'm keeping it simple.

21:14:03 <BanchoBot> My Accuracy Sucks is in United States
21:14:59 <BanchoBot> Alpha Kitten is in Göteborg, Sweden
21:15:33 <BanchoBot> MillhioreF is in United States

Alright, so I'm going to add My Accuracy Sucks and Millhiore. Alpha Kitten: if you can provide proof that you're from America I'll add you.
I'll do it.
hi i'll join

Weekends are usually great
lets see how rusty I've gotten since counter strike and dayZ took my hobbies. playable timezone is night-late night, east coast. so like 8:30pm-4am EST

T,Th im free usually after noon
I'll join, but I'm not absolutely sure when I'm available. xD

Zyph wrote:

I'll join, but I'm not absolutely sure when I'm available. xD
thats why there can always be reschedules =)
fine I'll play
I'll join but I must warn all of you that I suck at this game.

I'm available usually on weekends
Andy Chen
I'd like to join :D

On weekends, except Sunday.
Pointing out a couple things: Me and Sync would like to keep an even bracket (powers of 2 such as 16, 32, 64, etc.), so we're probably only going to admit one more person. Also, Sync, you forgot to add Starz0r to the list of participants, so do it when you get back. ;D

With that being said, I see little reason why this tournament can't start soon beyond potential scheduling issues!

Edit: NixXSkate might not show up, actually, because he seems to have quit this game, so we'll probably accept two more people. ;>
I'm in. 8pm-12am est
Topic Starter
I've PMed NixXSkate for confirmation
Hmm.. I got the numbers a bit off because a person (Unizer) PMed about joining but I don't think he posted in the thread. Also, you should add Ostrovia to the list ;D
Andy Chen
Nixxskate busted his monitor so he'd probably not playing :<
Topic Starter
Alright, removing Nix and adding Ostrovia.
Put me in :D
3pm-12am est
Count me in ~
6-10 pm est on any given day for the most part
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