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I have many things pending orz: I'll take a look at this in a moment ;c
Thanks for modding in advance

Verlaren wrote:

Yo. From my queue.

DR -1
OD -1
01:01:024(1) - remove NC

If it normal, then:
DR -1
CS -1(At the moment all patterns is too small for normal diff)
AR -1
OD -2
This is normal diff :D

DR -1
AR -1(IMO)
00:13:899(8) - NC

Dekaane's GarGantur:
good job Dekaane!

Good luck.
Most of them fixed. Many thanks. Waiting for Dake to perform the update. (Take your time, don't worry.)
Actualiza, creo me llevare 1 o 2 dias mas para darle un pequeño toque a mi diff x3
Sorry for doublepost, but it's here my diff with a new look: http://puu.sh/2AZrk \:D/ Added some jumps to add a bit of fun :3
@Foxxer: About the circles you suggested to add, many people have told me that, but I really don't want to add them, I'm following the high pitched instrument and I feel tiny streams more fun than a larger one for these type of songs.
Thanks :3
can put a brain taiko

the skin can put brains
Updated and...

lucalima99 wrote:

can put a brain taiko

the skin can put brains
Uhh.. what? If you're talking about a Taiko, I'm afraid I don't know how to map it and it's probably not necesary at this point.

Thanks for the support btw ;)
Esperando el Ranked :#
Twerk Team.

00:09:524 (6,7) - These jumps are weird. If you absolutely HAVE to keep them, add a new combo to (5)
00:11:274 (6,7,8) - These are weird
00:20:524 (3) - Like why
00:36:024 (1) - Angle this more downward. Having it like this makes it look weird
It's an ok map, but a lot of the jumps don't really make sense, which bother me immensely. To make an insane map, it's not about random jumps, but rather effective use of jumps and challenging mapping.

00:15:274 (4) - Add clap on end of slider
00:40:274 (2) - This doesn't go on anything that exists in the music. Maybe make this bigger and have it start where (1) is.
00:50:399 (4) - Angle the slider upward or line it up so it doesn't look like a mistake.
00:52:274 - Why are the claps suddenly gone in this section?
00:55:524 (4) - Move this so there's no overlap.
01:28:274 (2) - It might be a good idea to make a triangle with (1) and (3) of the previous combo. Like this. http://puu.sh/2HQw9.jpg You'll need to adjust later notes but it looks much cleaner
01:32:274 (1) - This doesn't follow the music at all :(

00:14:024 (2) - Copy (1), and flip it verticallly and CTRL + G it for symmetry.
00:20:024 (3,4,5,6) - This pattern doesn't fit the music at all. Plus, slidertrains usually aren't kawaii
00:32:524 (2) - This slider right now makes the player's hand go in the opposite direction of where it wants to go (rightward, since the note is right of the first). Fix it so it feels more natural to play.
00:38:524 (1) - End this on the large white tick.
00:50:274 (5) - Avoid overlap with the previous slider
01:26:024 (3) - Make this symmetrical to (1)

No major issues, but it's very 1/1y, which can get boring. The patterns also do not match the music, and longer sliders seem to have no reason to be there (an issue with all of the other diffs as well)

Sorry iy took so long to get to D:
My update: http://puu.sh/2IR2h.txt
Fixed some jumps I think you were talking about, it'd have been easier if you pointed which ones were weird ¬3¬
All fixed CDFA. Thanks a lot for your mod! Map updated.
Can I make some mania diffs?
I love this game and this song :D
Sure, answered by PM.

7K diff is wip.
Ooookay I'm having some big troubles trying to update, it submits the beatmap as new instead of just adding the new diff, I see if this fix itself in a few hours otherwise I'll get some technical help.

Great diff btw, but there's no way I can pass it lol, I suck at o!m

Edit: Updated and added missing tags.
oooh I forgot to give you hitsound files of 7k diff :o
plz reupload
Done, updated!
Very nice mania diffs :D
yo you got a mod requested from my queue so let's get started :D.

Bold: Unrankable/must fix.
Red: You should fix it, but i's up to you.
Green: Suggestion. Feel free to ignore this if you don't like it.
Blue: Comments, Opinions, or other.


00:10:024 (1,2,1) - i think you can re-arrange this pattern so that the wave slider blankets (1), as well as the curved (1) blanketing (4) because i think that it'll make the diff fun and smoother to follow for beginners during gameplay IMO like this.
00:16:024 (1,2,3) - the flow in this part feels awkward to follow because of the transition between (1,2). it takes a sharp left turn and that might feel awkward for beginners to follow, so i highly suggest that you make (1) looks like the red (2), and follow it up by adjusting (2,3) to a triangular pattern like this.
00:20:024 (1) - remove the finish here because it sounds too distracting and unfitting to follow during gameplay.
00:20:524 (2) - align this to 00:19:524 (2) - so that the flow in this is steady and smoother to follow as well during gameplay IMO.
00:22:024 (1) - i highly suggest that you re-adjust this slider like this. same reason as above.
00:32:024 (1) - i think that you can replace this repeat slider for a 1/1 slider and a circle to follow the music more accurately during gameplay IMO.
00:36:024 (1) - same as 00:20:524.
00:36:524 (2) - i think that you can align this note to (2) for a triangular pattern as well as smoothness and neatness in this pattern during gameplay.
00:38:024 (1) - same as 00:20:524.
00:44:024 (1) - ^
00:45:024 (3) - how about adjusting so that the ends of this slider are aligned to 00:43:524 (2,2) - ? the pattern would be a lot smoother to follow during gameplay like i said on one of my suggestions.
01:02:024 (1) - the finish on this spinner sounds too quirt and may be inaudible for beginners, so i suggest increasing the volume between 55%-70% so that it'll play along with the piano in this part of the song.
01:09:024 (2) - remove the clap at the end because it doesn't fit with this part. you can hear the clap at the beginning of you listen carefully but not at the end since it breaks the flow in the hitsounding here, also the clap it too loud, so add a timing point to match--i mean show emphasis in the clap in the BGM.
01:10:024 (3) - replace the finish for a whistle. it's more fitting and the finish is distracting like i said before.
my main concern is the hitsounding, especially the finishes like i said on my mod because they sound too loud and they don't fit with the music at times. i think that the flow can be better, but that can be improved yourself overtime :).

decrease the AR to 4 because i feel that the flow with AR5 is too forced to follow for players since this song is a slightly low BPM song IMO.
00:09:024 (3) - *nazi* move this 1 grid to the left because it'll be align to (2), and the square will be perfect since it's aligned properly.
00:15:024 (3) - you should move (3) here since i believe that going this would be a lot easier to follow since it forms a shape of a triangle as you see during gameplay IMO.
00:19:024 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - ik that you can make this flow with creativity in this, so i'll help you out in this. i highly suggest that you do this and try doing it creatively like this or something similar to this pattern so that it'll be easier and fun to follow during gameplay.
00:32:024 (1,2) - i highly think that this note can be stacked together because right now, the flow here feels really awkward considering the transition between this pattern.
00:44:024 (1) - do Ctrl+J on this slider because the overlap on the circle looks bad and also the spacing here is inconsistent which breaks the flow and it'll be hard to follow and awkward as well for players.
00:55:024 (2) - move this note between (the end of (3,1) because it'll form a triangle and it'll be a lot smoother and there's nothing overlapping in this part as well during gameplay.
same comment about the finishes and also the flow and structure needs work since it doesn't feel comfortable to follow IMO.

00:08:024 (1) - add a finish here because you can clearly hear the finish and it'll emphasize the beginning of this part of the song.
00:08:774 (4,5,6,7) - keep your spacing consistent here because the rhythm is the same and different spacing would break the flow in this part during gameplay.
00:18:024 (1) - try straightening this slider to keep the flow steady, or i highly suggest that you make a new slider for this note so that the flow is smoother and easier to follow as well, or you can remove the repeat and add a circle. same reason.
00:43:524 (1) - remove the finish here because it sounds too loud and distracting to follow during gameplay.
00:45:399 (2) - it'll be a lot better if you align this to (1). just hold shirt and move the slider around until you see a line. that's where (1) should be for that smooth transition to the diff IMO.
00:46:274 (1) - same as 00:43:524.
00:52:024 (9,1) - add a NC on (9) because that's where the new phrase in the music begins. if you do this, then remove the NC on (1) to continue that rhythm in the BGM.
01:26:524 (1) - remove the NC here because the music continues from the previous (1) since nothing changes in this part of the song.
01:27:524 (6,7) - same as 00:43:524.
01:29:274 (2) - the spacing is inconsistent because players might assume that this is a 1/4 kick slider and they could hit this note too early, so space it out to make it less confusing.
01:35:524 (8,9) - same as 00:43:524.
same comment as Imp.

[Dekaane's Gargantuar]
00:42:649 (2) - do you think that you can stack this under the end of (1) because i feel that it'll be a good challenge and it flows nicely considering that this is the hardest diff.
00:43:274 (5) - ^
00:45:399 (5) - ^
00:51:524 (2) - the clap is unnecessary since this part focuses mainly on finishes, so remove it for that purpose. yes ik it's for consistency, but there are ticks that don't have the note, therefore no clap. if you decide to keep it, decrease the volume so that it'll go along with the clap in the BGM.
01:06:899 (4) - you need a to add a clap at the end because of consistency with the clap pattern in this part of the song.
01:26:524 (2) - same as 00:42:649.
01:26:774 (3) - ^
01:31:024 (2) - remove the finish at the beginning. same reason as before, it sounds too distracting and loud to follow during gameplay. the finish on (1) is good enough, so the finish here is unnecessary since it breaks the flow in hitsounding.
not bad, but same with my comments about the Finishes and Flow/Structure in this, but this has potential.

and that's all i got. GL and don't give up on this map :D.
a note in 7k diff is missing.

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