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[Guide] How to create High Quality/Size Videos

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Colin Hou wrote:

848x480(480p) exceeded 800x600 (as the rule says), should goes to 800x450 or something like that.
The rules said nothing about widescreen videos,so the pixel rule was under discussion. mm201 basically said in p/1288454 to basically change the rule to max 480000 pixels to meet the changing standards. For comparison, 800 x 600 = 480,000 pixels, while 848 x 480 = 407,040 pixels. As a result, my 848x480 is already better than the 800 x 600 posted in the rules and should be perfectly fine.
Bliss, the new method doesn't compress much.

I try to compress the new video with 720p quality with 77mb filesize
Here's the screenshot how's the video looks like

But after compression the video doesn't compress much like previous compression
And the video doesn't looks very good too like previous one

Too much quality loss :(
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I promised myself a while ago that I would update this guide, but that took a while to happen.

For this small update, I added a new experimental filter that I sometimes use over my normal one (esp my long videos), and I added a way to deal with videos that get the wrong frame rate when encoded. In short, nothing much, but it hopefully will make the lives of the user of the guide a bit better.
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Bumping for the large update.

I was planning to update this on Christmas day, but the Christmas modding queue pushed things backed, regardless, the guide is finally updated.

Now both Avidemux 2.5 and 2.6 are both supported by the guide
Added a script for real life footage, so you can make high qulaity videos from real life footage
Updated text to be simpler and easier to read (Still needs improvement)
Created a nicer way to get the scripts
Fixed a small bug in Avidemux 2.5 scripts that dealt with framerate
A few other small things that I don't feel like noting

I don't think there is much need for me to update this guide anytime soon. The one thing I might add is a way to get mp3s from videos, but I am not really motivated to do it.
Hi, I'm having a problem here, although I moved the quality 5.xml into the x264 folder, the avidemux still won't read it, there's only the PSP and iPhone option, any help? I'm using avidemux 2.6
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My first question is why are you not following the simpler instructions. The scripts automatically configure those settings for you. If you want, you can just run the script and save it.

Second, the script I provided was only for 2.5 and not 2.6. If you want the 2.6 settings, do what I said above because I see little need to upload it.

Third, if you really want to upload/save settings somewhere, go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\avidemux\pluginSettings\x264\1
Ah, I finally figured it out, thank you so much, and sorry for my ignorance orz
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Indra145 wrote:

Ah, I finally figured it out, thank you so much, and sorry for my ignorance orz
That is good, as long as you figured it out in the end. Also, sorry if I sounded condescending. I did not mean to be angry at you or anything like that, but for anyone, that needs help with following the guide or has comments, feel free to leave comments here or contact me ingame.
4. Resize to correct dimensions for osu!
Wait 30s and then press filters in the top rightish area, and select the Resize filter from the rightmost list.
Uh.. I did until 3 but kinda lost on 4.
The problem is that I don't see anything in the top rightish area.

Help plz?
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That is strange, it didn't automatically change to H.264....
Okay, as a temporary fix, under video output, change that to H.264 (forgot the text exactly but it should be one of the top few options) and then the Filters section under it will light up.

Edit: The scripts for 2.6 have been changed to Tinypy Project files. For some reason that I don't know, support for the old files was removed, and SpiderMonkey Project files was giving me issues.
I wish it compressed original file was about 54Mb and compressed 53Mb....I don't want to resize it to 640x360 (or whatever small resolution) D: It's 848x480 >.< and i have 2.6.1 version for 64bit windows, any way to make it smaller?
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To compress it more, change the quality setting in the configure section under video

If I remember correctly, the script sets the quality at 26, which is okay for TV size. If you have something 3min, you will probably need 30 or above (If I remember correctly, every increase by 5 is half the size). If you have 53 at 26, then 32-34 should be okay... (it will probably look bad though sadly)
I have my NCED video in MKV format, then I used MKVCleaver to extract the video portion and convert to .avi format. I checked that it plays properly in various media players (the .avi file), but it is not being opened properly in avidemux. It detects 0 frames and wont even play the avi file. How should I go about converting my mkv file? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Most recent BD releases are in 10 bit format, and avidemux can't open them. Also, there are some weird encodes that don't work with avidemux either (I have a few), so fix this reencode it to 8bit

If you don't know how to do this, get ffmpeg and run a .bat file with this line
FOR %%A IN (*.mkv) Do (ffmpeg -i "%%A" -vcodec libx264 -crf 18 -acodec copy "re_%%A")
Nice tutorial. True with your settings problematic to convert video files for over 4 minutes long. I found the best settings for video files larger than 4 minutes ( I lost them, excuse me for that, I'll try to remember them, and then I will share them).
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For 4min plus, it really depends on what the item is.

If is some mv for a vocaloid song, it probably doesn't have any super complex animations in it (unless you map something like Aria), so I have used quality lvl 20 for that even at 3-4min. However for live performance, I usually turn the quality to 32, and try an arrangement of filters. However, I haven't found any great filters for rl though.
Okay I'm stuck at 4 too.

After i run the script and waited for 30s there's no Filters that appear in the rightmost top area

And i'm having trouble at the .xml file part..i already put the .xml file with the lines on it in the x264 folder but there's no "quality 5,etc..." that appears
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Woops, I was supposed to say top-left not top right (You can see it in your picture under Video (with MPEG-4 AVC and configure)).

Also, for the .xml file, you had to keep the original name that went with the file, but I don't feel like explaining that. Just follow the part of the guide not in the spoilerbox.
Translated into Chinese: t/141953
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Thanks popner, though I did notice that in one of the Chinese guides, someone had some other video settings posted.
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