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So, streams for me are very pleasant to play, but I can't improve in this aspect of the game at all. And I fear its because something wrong with my tapping hand because all my friends have the stamina problems, burn when they stream for long periods of time and eventually improvement in speed and consistency, where I just don't have any of this - I just almost never getting tired, never feel burn in left hand and never saw any visible speed improvement. I always could stream 160-170, but after like 4 months of training in tech/burst/stream/longstream maps I can't see any improvements in speed, only thing that got better is flow aim and that isn't enough because I feel like my aim is very limited by tapping speed in general.
So, I just wanted to know if there is any people like me who got better at streaming speed and which maps you played to improve yourself?
Playing 170 if you never run out of energy is not going to benefit you. Try and up your streaming bpm by 10 or so. Try playing high bpm bursts even if you're fingerlocking on them. I've been doing this for a long time and i still fingerlock sometimes but i've made massive strides in improvement, and improving at bursts made me better at streaming (e.g. bursting 240 made me better at streaming 190). Then again this is all coming from personal experience so it might not work the same way for you or anyone else.

As for finding stream/burst maps i personally found more as i played more but i can give you some examples of what i play:
Pretty much any Feint songs (like 161914 and Face Down)
Everything will freeze ( and
Dark Flight Dreamer (any mapset, but is pretty good)

and so on. You can just go google for speed maps if you need more. You'll find some osu! forum threads in the first page of results
To be honest, below 200bpm worth nothing imo. As a 400k, when I hit a wall and stopped gaining ranks as fast, I tried to switch my playstyle to the worst skillset I had : streams. Just randomly started to play burst and stream maps harder than I should be playing (not many good stream 3-4* maps out there... RC discourage them from insane and allow only very short bursts in hard...)
  1. Wizdomiot[Lunatic]
  3. Yoru Naku Usagi wa Yume o Miru[Lunatic] Classic big stacks
  4. Everything will freeze[Lunatic]
  5. Paraclete[Another]
  6. The Deceit / The Violation[pishi's extra] Hundreds of fails, very low accs, until my first pass as rank 110k (map was 6.6* back then). This is the map which made my speed and stamina great for a long time
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