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Just Started osu! (tips and tricks for beginners?)

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new osu user looking for tips to get better and improve.

lame topic, but i would love some help from vets and how they started out and how they improved

i have gotten better, went from D's on 2 star to S so... progress 100
Don't stick to playing 1 map type like farm maps or stream maps. Just play all around maps so you can improve your skills that way. Don't try retrying as much unless you can FC it because it causes bad muscle memory. I would recommend not touching mods until you have gotten most of the basic's down. Remember just enjoy the game, progress doesn't come instantly.
play as many maps as you can

don't retry more than once or twice; you want to train your ability to read new/unexpected patterns, you don't want to memorize any single map (memorizing just reinforces bad habits)

always make sure your physical setup is comfortable before you play, you don't want to get RSI later

don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself

pls enjoy game
Make sure you use your keyboard to tap.
Here is a relatively good guide for settings and stuff:
Aside from that the best advice at the start is to play more!
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