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  1. Do not post the same mapset twice.
  2. No unfinished mapsets, this rule doesn't include hitsounds, but it would still be preferred if you had them.
  3. No meme/pp maps.
  4. Signify in your post whether you want to M4M or not, if we want you to M4M, you'll get a PM from me.

Please state the artist/title in your request, it makes things a lot easier to manage.

Do not post here expecting a nomination from me; this queue wasn't made for that, I have my own queue for BN related stuff.

Absolutely do not expect me to nominate your map upon modding it, I will explicitly state so either in the modding discussion thread or through PM's if I want to nominate your map.

After reading the previous, it should be pretty clear that chances of getting a BN check from this queue are pretty slim, so if you're actually looking for that stuff, you can try to catch me in-game or send me a forum PM.


  1. Teky
  2. Azunyan-
  3. Dementation
  4. Yauxo
  5. realy0_
  6. Moh_Magdy
  7. xHappy-


I like anything anime/touhou, or anything japanese in general. I don't really hate electronic or english pop, but I'd usually rather mod japanese stuff instead.
I'd usually look to mod stuff that I think can be improved, so I'd probably go for newer mapper maps.

I prefer to mod female vocal anime/touhou/idol/jrock stuff. If you have a ClariS map you will have a high chance of me modding it. I dislike a majority of electronic stuff so keep that in mind when you send tech maps. Doesn't matter if you experienced or not, any level is okay with me.

- no kpop, idol, or squeaky vocal pls. anything else is fair game, but i tend to like stuf lik koan sound, ekcle, etc (idk what genre that is) as well as math/post rock the most
- unique > generic

Anything that's not a pp Map and/or over 5.6* // Any kind of song is nice, but I generally prefer Touhou/Electronic/Japanese stuff. I will work by my own standards.

i like your typical cute anime song and electronicals songs. (see my favorite/my maps for most song preferences)

i don't mod metal, k-pop, breakcore and similar genres
  1. BPM <= 200
  2. Preferably maps without many mods prior to this
  3. I like Anime and Electronic music
    (and metal/rock but I'm not good with streams)
Preferably ENHI sets, my taste song genre are rock/metal, anime, j-pop, vocaloid and video game.
(if your set is from rhythm game 'maimai' I 100% likely to accept your request.) Oh, no 7+ stars and tech maps.
rank fanfare

w8 it's qualified
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In case it wasn't clear, this is open.
M4M with Moh.
Songs Compilation - Jeff Williams
NM plz
o/ hello Persefone - The Great Reality
m4m but please no generic map i cant mod those
Cherry Blossom
bn req, m4m, nm or whatever i dont really mind
if you think this map is good enough to get qualified then it goes for bn req

song : Tezuka x Qayo - NINI
nb of diffs : 5 std
174 bpm
top diff is 5.69*

bn check

artist/title: joji-slow dancing in the dark
hi, nm please
artist: sakuzyo
title: 7thSense
Length 1:35
4 std difs
Artist - Meg & dia
Title - Monster (DotEXE Remix)

wagaki band - tengaku

i'd like to do M4M since im aiming for bn

Yuka - Resurrection

NM pls

Kamado Tanjiro no Uta - Go Shiina feat. Nami Nakagawa
Insert song / ED for Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 19

NM if you can please - Any dif but preferably Insane and Hard

Novice mapper but these have been remapped a couple times already so I think they're decent but need tweaking

Thanks in advance! <3
Various Artists - JoJo Themes Mixup

NM please
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