[Mania | Taiko | 2v2] Piano Tam Tam Tournament [Regs. Closed]

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Welcome Mania and Taiko players to the Piano Tam Tam Tournament !

This tournament will see Mania players from #5000 to #20000 ranks and Taiko players from #2000 to #10000 ranks fight in a 2v2 double elimination bracket but with a special twist ! Each team will have Mania AND Taiko players. The result of each mode will be added up to determine the winner. For more details please read the rules !

To register to this tournament, you just have to join the Discord Server and fill up the Registration Form

August 22nd 2019 - September 15th 2019 23:59 UTC : Signups

September 21st - September 22nd : Qualifiers

September 28th - September 29th : Round of 16

October 5th - October 6th : Quarterfinals and Loser's Bracket Round 1

October 12th - October 13th : Semifinals + Loser's Bracket Round 2 & 3

October 19th - October 20th : Winner's Bracket Finals + Loser's Bracket Round 4 & Loser's Bracket Finals

October 26th - October 27th :Loser's Bracket Grand Finals & Grand Finals

- There are six stages in this tournament: Qualifiers, the RO16, the Quarterfinals, the Semifinals, the Finals and the Grand Finals.
- The team will be seeded with the average of their ranks on each map during the Qualifiers round.
- In case there are more than 16 registered teams, only the top 16 of the Qualifiers will go in the rest of the tournament.
- The winning condition for each stage is :
1. RO16 : BO7 (win 4 maps)
2. Quarterfinals and Loser's bracket round 1 and 2 : BO9 (win 5 maps)
3. Semifinals, Loser's Bracket Round 3 and 4 : BO11 (win 6 maps)
4. Finals, Loser's Finals, Loser's Grand Finals and Grand Finals : BO13 (win 7 maps)
- For each stage, the result of the mania match and the taiko match will be added. The team with the highest combined result will advance to the next stage.
- In case there is a tie with the combined results, the winner will be the team with best total scores on all the maps played during both matches.

- During qualifiers, there will be multiple lobbies available at various hours. Players will be free to sign up to the lobbies they please.
- A private lobby will be created for all the players, and will be invited into their lobby when it's their time. Make certain you're online at this time.
- There will be no warmup. All the players will just play through a shorter mappool.
- Seeding will be made with the average rank of each team on each map.
- Maps will be played twice in a row during the lobby.
- Results will be announced on the Discord Server after the end of the week-end.

- There will be 1 mappool for each of the following : Qualifiers, RO16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals.
- The Loser's Bracket will play on the same pool as the Winner's bracket of the same weekend.
- The mappool in mania will consist of 7 brackets: Speed Variation (SV), Long Notes (LN), Accuracy, Speed, Technical, Hybrid and Tiebreaker (TB).
- The mappool in taiko will consist of 6 brackets: No Mod (NM), Hidden (HD), Hard Rock (HR), Double Time (DT), Free Mods (FM) and Tiebreaker (TB).
- The Qualifiers mappool in mania will consist of 1 SV, 1 LN, 1 Accuracy, 1 Speed and 1 Technical map.
- The Qualifiers mappool in taiko will consist of 2 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR and 1 DT map.
- The Round of 16 mappool will consist of 13 maps, Quarterfinals will consist of 15 maps, Semifinals will consist of 17 maps, Finals and Grand Finals will consist of 19 maps.
- All mania pools are played with FreeMod
- The FreeMod pool in taiko is played with FreeMod activated. Every individual player can pick Hidden, HardRock or both. At least one player of each team must have at least one mod activated.
- The Tiebreaker is played under FreeMod conditions but it is not necessary that at least one player has at least one mode activated.
- The mappool for each stage will be showcased a week before.

As a participant you have to read these rules.
It's a bit long but this will answer most of your questions about the tournament.

- This tournament is a taiko and mania 2vs2 team tournament. Teams will be split into 2 smaller teams : a mania team and a taiko team each composed of 2 players minimum and 3 players maximum.
- This tournament is a double elimination tournament.
- The Score System used will be Score V2.
- Any player who meets the requirements stated in the rank restrictions part is allowed to play. But we reserve the right to refuse a player if we suspect that he / she does not comply with the Game's Terms of Use.
- Any members of staff apart from Organizers, Mappoolers and Referees are allowed to play.
- Players and staff members must have read this ruleset entirely (and we will assume you did so throughout the tournament).
- All participants must stay respectful and keep a proper attitude. Not following this rule can result in a ban/blacklist from the tournament. This rule concerns all the staff as well.
- Any rule changes or unexpected occurrences will be announced in the thread and in the Discord server.

- Your global rank must be between #2000-#10000 for Taiko or between #5000-#20000 for Mania during registrations. This means that you have to be in this rank range until the end of registrations.
- You must be a member of a team. If you don't have a team, or if you miss one or several players to create your own team, we have put at your disposal channels dedicated to recruitment on the Discord Server.
- You must join the Discord server of the tournament.

- All the players in the team need to be in the rank range during the whole length of the registrations.
- The team must have 2 players in each gamemode, and can have 1 sub on each gamemode, which means the maximum size of a team is 6.
- The team must choose one captain on each gamemode. The captain will be the one in charge of reschedules, and will be the one who rolls and announces picks and bans in-game.
- Your team name must not exceed 16 characters.
- Your team can have an avatar. This avatar must be square sized, and have no explicit content.
- You must fill out the form and join the discord server to participate in the tournament.

- Every stage is held during the weekend. (it is however allowed to schedule on another day if no good time is found during the weekend)
- Matches are allowed to overlap if referees are available.
- We will try to schedule as best as possible to fit with the timezones. The schedule will be released the previous weekend of each stage.
- Reschedules will only be considered if both teams agree to a time, this needs to be done and notified to the tournament staff before Thursday at 23:59 UTC+0 in that particular week when your match takes place.
- Reschedules may only be requested by a team captain.

- A private lobby will be created 10 minutes before your match by a referee. Both teams captains will be invited into the room when it's match time. Then the captains will invite the other players into the room.
- If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
- If less than the minimum required players attend, the maximum time the match can be postponed is 10 minutes.
- If neither of both teams have the minimum required players after 10 minutes, the highest seeded team will advance.
- The match will be played as TeamVs and ScoreV2 and the name of the room must be : "P3T: (Team Red) vs (Team Blue)".
- Each team is allowed one warm-up but it must be below 4 minutes. Everyone is allowed in the room during warm ups.
- Each captain has to ban two beatmaps to be selected from the pool (apart from Tiebreaker). These beatmaps are not allowed to be picked by any team in the entire match.
- The captain of each team will roll with the command "!roll" in the chat.
- The team with the highest roll bans second and picks first. The team with the lowest roll bans first and picks second.
- Beatmap selection will then alternate between each captain selecting a beatmap out of the map pool.
- Captains may pick freely from any bracket.
- Exchanging players during a match is allowed without limitations.
- If a player disconnects between the beatmaps and the team can not provide an exchange, the match can be delayed 10 minutes at maximum.
- If a player disconnects, they get treated as if they failed the map.
- Disconnects within 30 seconds after beatmap begin can be rematched. This is only allowed once per team.
- Failed players' scores do not get added to the team score.
- If the beatmap ends in a draw, the game will be nullified and the map will be replayed.
- In case of a tie in points (example: 4-4 in BO9), the tiebreaker is selected.

Hosts: BriesmasLadylagMirthille

Graphic Designers: Ladygrilyoui

Mappools Selectors Piano: DavvyforteKoiidexLadylagRaveilleZayyKenzero2snow

Mappools Selectors Tam Tam: Bedwyr AortaBriesmasBrown918CapuLadylag

Referees: BriesmasCapucheese saladElement118GDLennyKasumii-samaKrekkerLadylagMirthilleNutAndGooliebolSatsukelStargerTacxam

Streamers: cheese saladDerooITotallyGetThatKrekkerMaouMirthilleoliebol

Commentators: BriesmasCaptainEChanDavvyforteGamelan4Halo-HeamHoroukb131313LadygrilMaouMirthilleNutAndGoQEpicAceRycy

Spreadsheet Managers: BriesmasLadylagMirthille

Contributors: CapuLadylag

We are highly searching for staff, feel free to contact Hosts Ladylag, Briesmas or Mirthille on the Discord server if you are interested.

Prizes are not yet decided, so stay tuned
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