Silent Siren - Hachigatsu no Yoru

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020年8月1日星期六 at 01:19:26

Artist: Silent Siren
Title: Hachigatsu no Yoru
Tags: japanese pop Hinsvar Nelliel Zxcvbnmkl august night Yoshida Sumire Umemura Hinako Yamauchi Aina Kurosaka Yukako 吉田菫 梅村妃奈子 山内あいな 黒坂優香子 すぅ ひなんちゅ あいにゃん ゆかるん
BPM: 188
Filesize: 4225kb
Play Time: 01:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (3.45 stars, 327 notes)
  2. Hinsvar's Normal (2.27 stars, 237 notes)
  3. Insane (4.58 stars, 411 notes)
  4. Nelliel's Summertime (5.6 stars, 449 notes)

Download: Silent Siren - Hachigatsu no Yoru
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
remapped insane and hard

trying to remap and rank some of my early maps

29/6 new mp3 redl
ty rizen for the mp3
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