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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, October 07, 2019 at 1:22:26 AM

Artist: Frums
Title: Pictured as Perfect and Plus
Tags: BMS Groundbreaking GdbG G2R2018 GO BACK 2 YOUR ROOTS 2018 CLIMAX COMPILATION ALBUM VII END DREAMS Seville Film Studio experimental electronic instrumental papap -mint- qqqant Jakads
BPM: 95
Filesize: 11458kb
Play Time: 05:53
Difficulties Available:
  1. Dream // 7K - 7Key (8.09 stars, 5861 notes)
  2. mint's Daze // 4K - 4Key (5.33 stars, 3889 notes)

Download: Frums - Pictured as Perfect and Plus
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

This is the full version of Pictured as Perfect by Frums.
Used with permission.

Support Frums by visiting these links and checking out their works!
Website | SoundCloud | Twitter



mint's Daze // 4K
This difficulty is swamped with harsh, technical patterns that can put you in an addled state when playing through them. The high HP drain will surely put your focus to the test, so make good use of the short breaks spread throughout the map to keep yourself from confusion.
Good luck, and may you break out of your daze.

Dream // 7K
Filled to the brim with brutal, relentless patterns, this difficulty poses a serious challenge to anyone who plays it. As you wade through the chaos in this map, be sure to keep your health and focus up as the patterns and HP drain can take a heavy toll on you. There are short breaks in this difficulty, and you will need them if you want to survive.
Good luck, and may you reach the end.
[Dream // 7K]
Asked feedback from Pope Gadget, remapped 02:33 to be more LN based

[mint's Daze // 4K]
Increased HP drain to 9

[Dream // 7K]
Increased HP drain to 8.5

Fixed snap from 04:21:712 - to 04:22:264 -
Added kiai from 02:21:212 - to 02:31:106 -
Added 'qqqant' to tags

[mint's Daze // 4K]
Fixed snaps and added a note around 02:18:475 -

[Dream // 7K]
Made 01:10:896 - to 01:30:475 - a little bit harder
Decreased HP drain to 8.2
Other tiny and tinier changes

[Dream // 7K]
Increased HP drain to 8.8

[Dream // 7K]
Rearranged some patterns around, changed the LN section and some SVs a tiny bit

[Dream // 7K]
Applied Cuma Iseng's mod, rearranged some patterns around the map

[Dream // 7K]
Applied Kyousukee's mod

[Dream // 7K]
Edited some patterns and SVs

[mint's Daze // 4K]
Turned patterns on 04:46:896 - to be more polyrhythmic

[Dream // 7K]
Turned patterns on 04:46:896 - to be more polyrhythmic
Slightly edited 01:53:843 - to make it easier to play through

Moved 'BMS' from source to tags and changed the beatmap background with courtesy from Jakads

Applied Jakads's mod, slightly buffed mint's Daze and slightly nerfed Dream

Mapset hitsounded

[Dream // 7K]
Decreased HP drain to 8.3

Applied _underjoy's mod on Dream // 7K, made some adjustments

[Dream // 7K]
Nerfed the SVs (I hope I did actually nerf it oops)
Nerfed patterns at 02:33 by reducing density and spreading the notes out a little

Applied Dergo's mod on Dream // 7K

Applied _underjoy's mod on mint's Daze // 4K, made some adjustments, added SVs

Applied Leniane's mod on mint's Daze // 4K and Dream // 7K
Added tags 'papap' and 'Jakads'

[Dream // 7K]
Reduced note density on 03:21:633 - (the easy section)

Applied AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH's mod, changed tags
Made some adjustments on Dream // 7K

Applied _Kobii's check, logging my changes extensively in the discussion section.

Added drum-hitnormal.wav
Increased hitsound volume on all difficulties.

BPM changed to 95 as that BPM comes from the official source.
Mapset nominated for rank by _Kobii and Leniane

Mapset has been ranked. Thank you all for the help and support!
Frums for creating this amazing song and granting me permission to map the song!

-mint- for the awesome GD

_Kobii and Leniane for nominating this mapset

Jakads for the snap guide on the first half of the song and editing the beatmap background from the source

Cuma Iseng, Kyousukee, Jakads, _underjoy, Dergo, Leniane, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, _Kobii and Feerum for modding

Genjuro for metadata clarification

aitor98, anim girl, arcwinolivirus, AYAYAA, CALCIO01, Cryolien, dewero, Elementaires, Evening, Gekido-, Jinjin, Kawawa, Lazarento, Pope Gadget, Sebaex, Skalim and Vygatron for testing and providing feedback

_Kobii, LohaWarpe, -mint-, [Shana Lesus], Dergo, -MysticEyes, Hydria, Jakads, tailsdk, Unpredictable, -Rem, Cuma Iseng, AJIekceu, ItsChristianSty, DungBui1212, Jinjin, Kawawa, teradora, Noch Einen, Lottery61, Cra Dow, Tryr, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and Civilization for hyping this mapset

and thank YOU for playing!

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