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Opinions on the Cooler Master SK650/advice on buying a new keyboard

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Hey guys,

im currently looking to get myself a new keyboard and the SK650 from Cooler Master caught my eye. Its cherry mx reds with low profile, which from my understanding are pretty good switches in their original high profile version plus the low profile gives them a little less travel time, which i guess would be a good thing for osu (faster reactions). Any opinions, experiences, advice for other good keyboards are very welcome. Thanks a bunch ;)
This is just my 2 cents from using a CM Ultimate QuickFire for a couple years but unless you have any occupation that makes you regularly use the numblock, I'd go for a tenkeyless version.
The numblock part is mostly required for office work when you type IDs or some shit but they support bad ergonomics as keyboards with numblock are so wide that you either have a shit posture when either doing touch typing or using your mouse/tablet.
Surprise, the TKL version is also cheaper.

I would generally be a bit wary as a low profile keyboard is bound to feel more like a laptop keyboard, you won't be able to bottom out the keys to any significance. You will have to decide for yourself whether that is comfortable in daily usage.
Personally I would definitely prefer the normal switches for 2 reasons:
1. It is still a daily usage keyboard for everything. Having 1.2mm travel distance to the actuation point facilitates typing errors by making your keys much more sensitive to occasional random touches when you wanted to touch the neighboring key.
If you don't have experience with regular Cherry MX, let me tell you that 4mm travel to the actuation point still makes for very responsive keys.
2. Flexibility. The most interesting thing about low profile is making the distance your key travels for bottoming out lower so the key reset will be faster. But that is a thing you can also control with O-rings instead.

If you didn't get to touch the keys yet, I'd recommend you to visit a store to get a feeling for whether you actually like the touch of a keyboard or not. If you desire a special solution for osu! you can still invest into keypads, a separate numblock that adds to a TKL keyboard but uses different switches/caps or other curious solutions.
Personally I tried a bit in the store and I definitely like tactile feeling for typing so I ended up with MX Brown.
That's a good post by Endaris, but also:

HALL EFFECT BEAMSPRING just look at that force curve
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