Skin Kuroko no Basuke / Basket v1.0

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Kuroko no Basuke / Basket 1.0

Download :

Reuploaded to .OSK

* Add 5 Cursor's (Default -Tetsuya Kuroko)

Screenshots :


-Map : Kagamine Len - Tori no uta : Score 300 , 100 etc
-Skin : Cute Skin v1.3 by; Kawaii Pandaah : Base - SliderB Spinner etc
-xRyu in Wonderland : Cursor

* Added a Taiko Skin
Sorry for any error . :o

Other Skin : Kasane Teto v1.0

Skin Request ? Tell Me
Kira Katsuki
Looks good ;)
I might try it >.<
You should add a menu picture btw :D
Edit: try using better quality pictures ;) (back, mod selection etc)
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Thanks >.< , but its so hard to find pictures with best quality on google ... :lol:
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