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What keyboard should I get?

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give me a suggestion for a good keyboard my budget is 100 dollars (no shit ass ducky 2 mini)
I don't know what size you're looking for, but here are some I found on

60% (61 keys) - - every switch type in stock except Cherry MX Silent Blacks - same keyboard as one above, just with a split spacebar (all switches in stock)

80% (87 keys) -
You said no ducky one 2 mini, but nothing about other ducky keyboard, so here are some: - every switch in stock except Cherry MX Browns which are pre-order - ducky one 2 TKL, midnight theme (all switches in stock) - same as 1st one but everything is white (all switches in stock) - ducky one 2 TKL, horizon theme (Blacks and Browns out of stock) - ducky one 2 TKL, skyline theme (Browns and Silvers out of stock) - another ducky keyboard (all switches in stock)

100% (104 keys) -
there are quite a few of these, take a look here:

Other good keyboards: - this is -GN's keyboard, $90 but you can find it elsewhere for lower, like amazon.

This is pretty much it, you can search for more on or amazon, is okay but you can't trust the switches sold on there.
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