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Shubingson's Noob Standard Queue [CLOSED]

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Hello, I recently started mapping and I wanted to get into modding too. I'm completely new at this so please be patient. Please read my most recent post as that takes priority.

NM Rules
1. New mappers, please. One or two ranked maps are fine. I don't think I'll be able to do much on experienced mapper's maps.
I don’t mind more experienced mappers anymore just understand that I might not be able to do much when you already have some experience.
2. I'll mod songs up to 6 mins.
3. Nothing over 210 BPM.
4. Have the map finished. Not hitsounded is fine.
5. I won't mod maps with star ratings lower then 3 and higher than 6.5.
6. Standard only.
7. No tech
8. To show me you've read the rules type 32 somewhere in your post. I won't mod otherwise.

M4M rules
1. Rules from NM apply.
2. I'll mod first.
3. I'll forum pm you.
4. M4M will obviously take priority over NM.

If I've closed the queue and you haven't gotten mods from me even though your map follows the rules then don't be scared to DM me after a week.

I'm usually always online on Discord. Feel free to DM me there too.

M4M map:
nm pls
L: 5:29 76
SR: 6.62*

If you rly take it very strict with 6.5*, it's okay.
M4M please. 76
The Hard difficulty is the only one over three stars.
Please be brutal with the criticism, I don't mind.
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