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What's the best switch?

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lewski wrote:

I can top that

So no one going to answer this person genuine question seriously?

Explains why my friends stop playing this game or avoid public lobbies.

In any case @Blackiez, I heard red is what majority plays so you can start with that first. I barely have any experience in mech keys and intending to buy one soon. Probably brown cause personal issues.
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i have tried using silver switch for few months.. i don't really like it because of the short travel distance (for the faster keypress) and it made me sometimes click the circle too fast.
i've also used red and right now im using brown switch. Red switch have the same travel distance as brown but the only difference that i notice is the red one is more lighter to press than brown and also if you're not used to it, brown drains your stamina very fast on burst/stream. well, now im used to it.. i have no problem on that. i don't really notice any cons on red switch tho.. cant say much about red one..

i never tried using other switch like kailh, gateron, etc. so..i dont know anything about them..
Serious answer: kailh/novelkeys box pale blues are amazing, here's the force curve:

The moment you feel the click is exactly when they actuate, unlike cherry mx browns or blues which are comparatively terrible.
Their springs are *just* heavy enough to help your fingers on the upstroke, but light enough to not burn your stamina immediately. (Their heaviness is between MX reds and MX blacks. I think this weight pretty much nails it, biomechanically speaking, although I could see someone being more comfortable with a slightly lighter switch if you have a light touch.)

I've tried cherry mx clear, brown, speed silver, IBM buckling spring, rubberdome, scissor switches, I have a keyboard in the other room with vintage alps SKCM browns, and right now, I wouldn't want to use anything other than box pale blues. As far as tactile switches go, box pale blues are great.

Warning: Box pale blues will destroy your keycaps. You need a set of caps *just* for these, because if you start swapping caps on these, you will get stress fractures on the cap stems. Thick PBT caps are probably most resistant to this.

kbparadise sells prebuilt boards (olivette, vintage) with box pale blues as an option, but they use costar stabilizers which really suck, so it will be a better typing experience if you build your own.

Input club's hall effect/beamspring switches are also very interesting, but they don't seem to be available for purchase yet.

The force curve of vintage alps SKCM blues also looks great, but they've been out of production for literal decades and using them to play Osu would rapidly destroy the switches. The thought of doing this to SKCM blues just for Osu feels dirty, in addition to being fucking expensive, so, no.

(The nintendo answer was better)
Vuelo Eluko
avoid reds in general they are overrated and inferior for stamina, way too light when coming from rubber dome too so you'll struggle to type with them without making typos.
I personally use Outemu Blue switches, but they are very loud, so if you don't want to hear constant clicking go for something else.

Ag_U wrote:

Whatever you prefer, all are being used at every level of play.
This guy knows
Red and brown and silver switch there are the best
ice ju
red and brown
It's all preference. I would suggest going to a friend and trying their keyboard (if they have one), see if you like that type of switch or not

Another option would be going to a shop selling mechanical keyboards, they usually have a switch tester thingy that offers to try out the feeling of each switch! However, I'm pretty sure they usually only have CherryMX switches on these (Reds, Blues, Blacks, Browns or something else).

If you just watch a good switch for osu or video games in general, reds / silvers are a good start.

EDIT: If you got a keyboard already I apologize as I only saw how long ago it was posted.. damn it people stop reviving old posts.
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