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i was Reinstalling osu! in the same computer twice due to a error. The first is installation goes on normal, with all my beatmaps still there, second installation path to desktop. when i opened osu! again, my songs and my skins were gone, but I know it's still in my computer somewhere, can somebody tell me where i can find my beatmaps and skins in my computer

osu! version: Stable 20190620.4 (latest)
The default installation path is C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\osu!, I'd check there.

Also, reinstalling normally doesn't do very much, and when it does there is usually a simpler, less time consuming solution. It'd probably be better in the future to make a post here with the error message to see if there is something you can do first before reinstalling.

It doesn't actually seem like you are even reinstalling though, are you just running the installer on top of your current installation? If you actually uninstalled the game, or deleted your osu! folder before installing, your files would probably be gone.
Oh, My Bad! yes i was installing osu on top of osu. Realized if i install local my beatmaps are back again. Sorry for your time!
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