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Ok why am I doing this. Im gonna die :eh:

Check last post for availability

I do this queue to improve my modding and mapping skills since I'm still a beginner, so don't expect me to give awesome mods

oh god read rules pls

  1. I mod mainly Taiko, but I also can mod some std (note that if my taiko mods lacks of quality my std mods are going to be worse)
  2. I don't have a favorite music genre, I have a pretty big open mind regarding music, but I still will reject any request if I don't like the song (pretty unlikely tho, so give It a try).
  3. HOWEVEEEER. I do have my artists that I can't afford hearing their music. This includes t+pazolite (yeah sorry pls dont kill me I just dont like t+pazolite's songs), kobaryo (some exceptions, but yeah), Nanahira (pls no) and I think that's all, Ill edit this with the time.
  4. If you are an experienced mapper, I'll probably ask for a M4M (if needed, probably not lol) or just reject your request if I feel the map you asked for modding is already good as it is for the eyes of a noob like me. I will leave a hype on the map if so.
  5. Spreads have priority over marathons, unless I really enjoy the long song.
  6. If it's one of your first maps I'll gladly try to give my best on my mods owo.
  7. If I take more than a week to mod your map, poke me (on discord (see my profile), in Game or forum PM). I'll tell you if I either forgot or lack of time owo.
  8. Taiko will always be available for reqs when the mod queue is open. On the other hand, STD will depend on my mood and my availability, so make sure to read if the last post allows std reqs.
  9. Cychloryn is cute, don't mess with Cychloryn or :knife:
  1. Marathons just allowed if the map is no longer than 6:30 mins :eh:
  2. If you are a beginner mapper, you have more probability to be accepted.
  3. However, even if I tend to mod according to the order of the requests, if my time is limited, M4Ms have priority and NMs might take more than 7 days after req accepted.
  4. On std, I just can find major issues and playability stuff, so yeah.
  5. I'll leave a hype if I don't find any major issues or good recommendations.
  1. I mod first.
  2. If I can't find anything to mod on I'll just leave a hype and no need for you to mod my map.
  3. If you are an experienced mapper and decided to ask for a M4M, don't expect me to receive an ewqual profitable mod qwq.
  4. If I take more than 7 days to do the mod after accepting tour request on this post, poke me. I don't usually forget stuff but just in case (probably busy).
  5. Just for Taiko
  1. Yann Tiersen - La Valse d'Amelie ---High Priority, need experienced modders at this point on this map.
  2. Raujika-Grim --- New map! Give I
    it a try, probably a source of free kudosu :^).

Se habla español

6 NM each time I open.
2/6 left at the moment.
Will open queue for NM each time the counter of left NM reaches 0, so always see last post if it's open or not.

  1. Fleure de Lapin NM done
  2. Cychloryn NM done
  3. Kannes NM
  4. CubeBag NM
  5. SlenderMen NM
  6. Coryn M4M done

M4M are always welcome yes owo
hi, taiko map and nm req
(oni is made by a new mapper tho)
NM request
Thank you very much in advanced
eae, m4m on grim if possible!


anime eurobeat dnb mode pog

ty in advance lad
Im with good mood so everyone (including M4M) accepted even if I said just 5NM :eh:

If I leave a hype on your map and no mods that means that I didn't find anything I could mod at. If I do mod it and hype it as well is because I liked the song a lot and might jump later for it to try mod it again owo.

NM Closed

M4M always open ofc.
(btw Gamelan says he's busy and may not get to the remaining requests for a while)
you might wanna rename title to include [STD/Taiko]

contains 4 songs, each approx. 3-4 minutes
will mod grim - raujika
thanks in advance

dm me if accept
Hey! I'm looking for NM on my first Taiko map! I've redone it 4 times now and with each new try it got better, but I still need feedback!

Title: 4 Minutes (Glee Cover)
Artist: Chris Colfer & Amber Riley
Length 1:35
BPM: 113
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1011775#taiko/2117632
Diff: Muzukashii
Ok finally over with all the reqs holy fluff that ninja. Mugino accepted so that makes it 4 slots left for NM.

Open only for Taiko requests. 4 NM available. M4M Always open owo
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