You need talent to be better?

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You need talent to be better?
Cuz I play year and really tryhard for last time, but its depressed when I see people who just play 4* after two month of practice and I cant even have S on 3,5* after all this time. Im asking cuz its worthless to tryhard for nothing
Don't compare yourself to other people

Compare yourself to yesterday's you
A lot of it comes from previous experience, whether it's playing instruments, other rhythm games, or aim-based games.
Vuelo Eluko
"all this time"
59 hours is nothing
Firstly you don't have many hours on osu! (neither do I really) and you really don't need talent to get better at osu! for example I have a really slow reaction time and I got to 5 digit, sure I might be pretty good at fps games and aiming, but all you really need to be better is playing more and practicing things that you can't do YET.
Vuelo Eluko
reaction time doesnt have much to do with osu!
I know, I'm just trying to say that you don't need talent to get better at osu!. It's all about playing more.
Vuelo Eluko
yeah but that's like saying I can't deadlift but I still became a good pianist.
you could still be a talented pianist
True, I'm sorry my advice is garbage :(.
Everything is based on G E N E T I C S

Justified wrote:

Everything is based on G E N E T I C S
true and wrong. you can achieve pretty much everything by play more but other people may achieve that faster or easier :o
you played for only 59hr as of 7/5/19. And all people I saw that can play 4* or even 5* after a few months of practice had over 100 or even 200hrs. Compare your play records to them, they play a lot more each month than you did. So if you really want to try hard on osu and get good, you have to devote your time everyday in this game. Of course, there are also people who can't spare time playing video games everyday, but if you're not that kind of people the true reason why you're falling behind others is just because you don't consistently practiced enough.
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