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Is switching from a CTL-480 worth ?

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Hello dear Readers,
Currently im using a CTL-480 from Wacom. I bought it online and used it the last year (2018). Until now i never had a problem with it.
Now i want to know, if there is any tablet which outperforms my current one.

Happy discussing ! :)
Nobody really does tablet hardware reviews with latency / position tracking tests. Google any pen tablet and you might find a photo editing review talking about ergonomics and photoshop compatibility.

XP-Pen, Huion, and Gaomon are claiming 266hz USB report rates for some of their newer tablets. Wacoms USB rate is ~133hz for Intuos/Bamboo, ~200hz Intuos Pro. Good luck finding comparative performance measurements of these unless you buy them and test them yourself. (If you do this, please publish it.)

Hardware latency prior to USB transmission is a mystery on all of these: it /should/ be low, but some tablets have poor designs that add pen latency or position smoothing latency, and mostly nobody is measuring this unless a tablet is so bad that people get pissed off (like the CTL-490).

Hawku tested a few tablets a while back;, of these, Wacoms had the best tracking and XP-Pen came a close second. XP-Pen's G640 has great tracking, a low price, and a 250hz+ USB report, but it also has hardware-based position smoothing, which adds significant latency and makes it not a 100% upgrade over Wacom's lineup. Unfortunately, Hawku hasn't tested any newer tablets.

If you have a CTL-480, there's no point changing tablets unless you have a 144hz+ monitor and feel like burning some money: Wacoms send USB packets faster than a 120hz monitor refreshes, and have reliable position tracking.
Vuelo Eluko
cth-470 still going strong here
i see no conceivable reason to replace it
Bro i even switched from my expensive one (Xp-pen deco 01) to the CTL-480.
The only thing I'd truly think about when thinking about buying a new tablet (got 470), would be to have one that allows higher hover distance without breaking contact, it's not often, but sometimes when I do jumps, I disconnect for a little and I might miss because of it. Otherwise, my tablet is 6 years old and going healthy and strong. That's the only area where I'd look for improvement. Maybe someone knows something about newer tablets and better hover distances?
If you want a bigger one or higher position update rate, yes.
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