[resolved] How to create polls for existing forum topics?

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Is there a way to add a poll in an existing forum thread? I vaguely remember there is an option to do that when I create topics but there doesn't seem to be one for already created threads.

Sorry if this isn't the place to ask this question.
I don't think it is possible to add a poll to an already existing thread on the new site, at least not via an actual button. This can, and probably should be requested on GitHub assuming the request doesn't already exist (I wasn't able to find anything).

I think you can do this through the old site however. If you manage to edit the original post through the old forums there should be a create poll on the edit page. Getting to the old forums is pretty tricky though, you need to find a page with the circle switcher button at the bottom left (like user pages), click on that to switch to the old site, and then find the post from the old site to edit it. If you don't click that switcher button, you'll probably just be redirected to the new site forums a bunch.
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Ah, I figured it out. Thank you so much for replying!
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