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Tablet Tips For a Noob?

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uno assassin
So I started playing osu! At the beginning of this month. I ordered a tablet because this game is amazing and I was wondering if you tablet players have any tips for me. I can do up to 3.8* max right now, if that matters. Thanks!

EDIT: Do you guys know any good beatmaps I can start with? Maybe ones with some jumps so I can get used to that. Thanks again!
Find a comfortable desk position, keyboard position, height, etc., so that you won't develop RSI later
Use dragging to be more precise.
Too large area can hurt you in the future.
Too small area will not make anything good to you too.
Use it with relaxed hand to avoid bruises.
Keep any cloth nearby to clean sweat and fat from pen if you don't want it to fly away.
Use notebook cover or cut plastic from bottle(or use mouse pad) to use them as smooth surface with defensive qualities.
Ehhhm..This is pretty much it. Have a nice day.
Hawku drivers, just search try out the settings from other players and see if you like it. There is an explanation video about it as well.
Don't change our play area or sensitivity too much, it takes time for your brain and muscle to get used to it.
Keep in mind that any slightest change of your setup may completely hinder your performance.

A mere 1 centimeter height decrease of my desk made my skill suddenly become shit, because the pressure applied to my arm decreased which I could barely notice. So after you find your most comfortable setup, make records of everything, including desk height, chair height (if they're adjustable), tablet position, keyboard position, and so on. FYI I even marked the position of my tablet and keyboard on my desk with marker.
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