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OT! Parliament members election winners announcement 2019

Welcome all denizens to the 2019 OT! Parliament election winners announcement thread!

Greetings, fellow denizens of OT!
As you all have noticed, in order to have a more functional and effective government, president Achromalia had announced the recruitment of OT! Parliament members. These members will help us build and develop OT to be a prosperous and fair democratic nation, where denizens will decide their own futures!
And so, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of hosting this year's election for the OT! Parliament.

After one week of collecting denizen's votes, I couldn't be more exited to announce the results.
I would like to thank every single denizen who have contributed to this event by either voting or becoming a candidate for the OT! Parliament.

And so, without any further ado. The next OT! Parliament members are:

Zain Sugieres

I would like to congratulate the election winners and would hope that they will do a fine job as members of the OT! Parliament!

But I know you're wondering: "Why are there only 3 elected members?"
That is because the 3 other candidates were tied in votes.
The final OT! Parliament member position will be decided by other OT! Parliament members.
After this announcement, OT! Parliament members will vote for one of the three remaining candidates. The candidate with the highest amount of votes will be selected to be the final OT! Parliament member.

The following is the statistics of the votes.
All confirmed votes are documented with the time that they were submitted. Although, the identity of voters are hidden as to protect the privacy of voters.

From this list, we can see that candidate abraker has the highest amount of votes - 6 votes.
Followed by TeeArctic1 with 3 votes.
The 3rd place is Zain Sugieres with 2 votes.
Candidates Penguin, Ashton and Vuelo Eluko tied in votes - 1 vote each.

This announcement thread will also serve as a post election discussion thread for denizens and a post election speech thread for presidential candidates.
Denizens are free to discuss the results of the election and share their opinions on this thread.
Make sure you guys let me in.
Congratulations to the new Parliament members, I'm excited to see who the fourth member is going to be.
Holy shit, abraker got a lot of voters.

I didn't expect that to be so dramatically high.

Congrats to our first three parliament members!
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The OT! Parliament has decided on candidate Ashton as the final member.
Congratulations to candidate Ashton!
We hope you'll be a fine addition to the Parliament.

Glory to OT!
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