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Add a module to osu! profiles to allow players to pick any 5 scores of their choosing to display.

The Best Performance tab, particularly the Top 5, is what shapes my opinion of other players the most when I look at their profile for the first time. However, I feel like one's top 5 pp scores isn't very accurate at showing a player's talent, playstyle, or what kind of maps they like to play. This is because certain types of maps give more pp than others. While I think the Best Performance tab should remain; I feel like adding a "showcase" of scores and allowing players to pick which scores go there would be a good addition for profiles to have. This would give incentive for players to go for more unique scores, including those earned by playing loved and unranked maps. It would also allow players to not worry about getting a high pp play they're not proud off, and therefore "ruining" their top 5.

Just for reference, my top 5 is currently
-Telling the World
-Bravely You
-Bye Bye Yesterday
-Passcode 4584

My ideal showcase would be something like
-Telling the World
-Third Eye Ya (8th in pp but 1st in how proud I am of the score)
-Ikanaide (FC of song I really like, far from top 5)
-Freedom Dive 180bpm (unranked map)
-Wings of Freedom
I don't think unranked maps could work since they're not saved anywhere else than your client, but it would be super neat!
Ability to pin scores (hence showcase them) has been added home/changelog/web/2022.121.0
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