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How do you know when to alternate?

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semi-alt or mixed style players - how do you know when to switch between singletapping and alternating? I know many can tell by BPM alone, but I don't find that method the most reliable. Is there anyway to improve in this aspect?
You singletap what you can singletap, until a pattern comes up that makes more sense to alt

Triples, quick doubles after a slider, bursty shit, streams, you'll know it when you see it

Generally your acc is better when you singletap, so you do that until you shouldn't
I mainly just try to singletap singles, doubles, and triples, and alternate on streams, but if the AR is above 9.2 I alternate on doubles, triples, and streams, basically I just alternate when I know I can't singletap something.
i can't alternate usually, when it comes down to it, i just start spamming my keys back and forth on stacks and i dont really do streams really so i dont have to worry about that

cant suck on something you never do :^)
I usually know when to switch when the circle begin appearing faster.

But its like driving, you can't really study them and expect to be better at it. You need to get yourself used to those patterns.
usually i only alt when:
- stream of course
- reverse sliders
- alt maps or patterns (e.g. this or this. you will get used to it and be able to tell when you need to alt) usually i avoid them bc i'm more of a singletap player but monstrata alt maps are just to fun to miss out on :D
you alt what you cant singletap
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thanks y'all!
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