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Also about what Dangaard said "2-4 minutes song" length doesn't matter as long as song/map is special. That's what happened with my mittens map. At first it was supposed to be ranked, but BD's diff is challenging so I decided it will go for approval. BATs wanted it not approved due to lenght but a lot of people supported me and I fought and I won and it got approved. So fight too and good luck!

Bass wrote:

@Zarerion: Seriously you made me laugh. DO YOU even see difference between 174 bpm drum n bass song and 270 bpm fast metal song? This song is very unique, easier diffs cannot be made. Imagine if val had to make easier diffs for every approved Miku song.

you srsly lack creativity
YOU lack creativity while cannot map easier diff for 174 bpm song.
Uhm, what? When did I say i couldn't map easier diffs for my map? I already did o.o
Actually, I thought the same way as you did until a few days ago, however, my mind changed a bit.
Imo, actually it's always possible to map easier diffs, even if it means skipping some notes. This would include val's maps. And only because the players playing [Insane] diffs think [Easy] diffs on such songs would be boring, they would be just as exciting and funny for beginners as the hard diffs are for you or me. Not mapping such diffs is...just..lazy, and not really fair.
This is only my opinion though.
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Omg thanks so much guys! Seeing some support made me happy :3 thanks Kei <3, Stefan and Bass, what you said is what I actually think.
But as always, some i-know-everything guys come in and say stuff... I don't want to sound rough but that's how it seems.

As you said, I don't really think an Easy would fit in here... I mean lets face it, the new APP rule is just plain stupid if not applied well. There's a reason to Sakura pointing out those "special ways". If a 270 BPM map isn't challenging enough for APP, then the "challenging in special way" exception shouldn't exist at all.

Kei wrote:

Stefan wrote:

MOAR STARS FOR MORDE I got pwned by Soraka ;_;
report pls
It's the new visual upgrade ;_;
@Zarerion: It's not that it is impossible to make Easy Diffs for such Songs, but it simply won't be good at the end, since the Diffs would feel very empty. Imagine this: The song is totally "hardcore" and fast but because of the SV or AR, it feels awkward and boring to play. Because songs like these aren't conceived to be "slow" in any way. And trust me, also Beginners can have this Feeling.

Also, the person won't die in a corner, just because there's no easier Diffs for the song.

And MATs/BATs, before you nagging about this Map, unrank this.
The Submit Date is the exactlly same. So if you set Rules, please, for the sake of all, take attention that ALL people follow it.
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^ Lol exactly same date!

But yeah, just read what I put in bold in my last post.
You don't have to feel offended by my opinion on this. It's just that you seem to defend your principle for the sake of it, or just out of laziness, I dunno. I know the rule was made after this map's submission, so it's pretty much up to you, but still this is quite ignorant. Even if other people are doing this as well, there will definitely be people who will appreciate that there is an easier diff as well, more people than those who don't want it.

I mean these people who don't want an easier diff are not even going to play it anyway, so you should rather ask people who would actually do that. Then you might get support from both sides. ;)

(I still don't get why you feel attacked)
unlike The Ghost Of 3.13 - Forgotten, you can easily map easier diffs for this song.
A very hard map does not make your map special, but being unable to map easier diffs for the song does. and that does not apply here.

about the "this rule should not affect to maps before the rule got set" this only applied to the maps that were once bubbled before the new rule took place.

happy30 wrote:

unlike The Ghost Of 3.13 - Forgotten, you can easily map easier diffs for this song.
lol, weak.

goreshit - o'er the flood and The Ghost Of 3.13 - Forgotten comes from the same genre, but not like Forgotten, o'er the flood got an Easy, Normal and a Hard Diff. So it is also possible to make easier Diffs for Forgotten. This is just an bad example by you, happy. Sorry. And BD is now a Lazy Ass?

And so, if I understand you both correct, it isn't unfair that some Maps can simply avoid easy Diffs, just because some people agree that the Map is.. "challengeing"? If we would take the Maps from val's Mythologia's End until Talent Shredder, there would be just four Maps which would really fit in the category "Approval". (This would be A Little Piece of Heaven, Armin's WT Project, AugoEidEs and Desire Dream) The Rest of them, are they now lazy asses, because they didn't made any more lower Diffs for their Maps?

Stefan wrote:

goreshit - o'er the flood and The Ghost Of 3.13 - Forgotten comes from the same genre
you are very ignorant

they are very different genres.

o'er the flood is jungle-like breakcore, which means the beat is consistent
Forgotten is GLITCH breakcore, which means the beat is COMPLETELY broken and inconsistent

don't use stupid examples to show your ignorance, and leave people you hate out of this, if you can't even win an argument.

have fun.
The song self offers way more room to map easier diffs, unlike Forgotten.

And don't bring other maps to justify your own. This discussion gets invalid. I disagree this map to go for approval just because the diff is hard. Following the VERY slow sung vocals provide enough basics for easier diffs. Forgotten does not provide this.
I was asked to give my 2 cents on the difficulty thing, but before I could even deal with that, I had issue with something more fundamental:

I find the loud crisp hitsounds against the sloshy/badly mixed music to be very difficult to establish a solid timing while playing this map. It feels artificially fast with the doubled BPM and just feels like you're going for lolhard while making it difficult to follow aurally. Another pet peeve of mine is the super-fast SV with super-low distance snapping leads to pretty unsmooth play.

Also tick rate 1 fits this better since the BPM is doubled, as said earlier.
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o.O Such an argument you guys made.
I never said I wouldn't map an easy, again. I just said that in my opinion I shouldn't but I wasn't quite sure.
I just wanted feedback and opinions...
So yep, gonna do it.

Please stop it now, and thanks to everyone who gave their 2 cents.

Oh and...

Loctav wrote:

And don't bring other maps to justify your own.
I think you are confused, Stefan =/= Snepif... I didn't bring anything :c
all this drama for morde, the master of metal, i dont even.

Musty wrote:

all this drama for morde, the master of metal, i dont even.

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>7 - 17


omg and 3-21 ziggs and win :l
7/17/5 as Mordekaiser? That's disgraceful. The master of metal shall remain dissapointed of you.

Snepif wrote:

>7 - 17


omg and 3-21 ziggs and win :l
I had to babysit his lanes :(
Good bye, teemo.

Mercurial wrote:

Good bye, teemo.
Because the Song needs so 'badly' easier Diffs.. sure. <_<
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