[10-100k] FIVE DIGIT FEUDS II [Signups Open June 08]

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Welcome to Five Digit Feuds II, a 4v4, international osu!standard tournament with teams composed of 6-8 10k-100k players!

  1. Five Digit Feuds II is a 4v4, international osu!Standard tournament, that can hold up to a maximum of 32 teams.

  2. Five Digit Feuds II will be played using Scorev2.

  3. All match times will be in UTC. Find your personal time zone and convert your match times here: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/.

  4. The Grand Finals will be played with a bracket reset if applicable.

  5. Each week’s schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday before that week’s matches.

  6. If you get a name change during the tournament, please communicate it to staff as soon as possible.

  7. If a player is deemed to have behaved inappropriately during a match, he/she may be penalized at the discretion of the referee and/or staff. This can include, but is not limited to, intentional throwing, fake disconnects, disrespect towards staff and/or opponents.

  8. Team size has a limit of 8 players, with a minimum of 6. Eligible players must be between 10,000 and 100,000 osu!standard rank.

  9. Seeding will be done by raw PP amount, averaged between the top 4 players of a given team. If there are teams above 32, the top 32 teams by PP will be allowed into the tournament. BADGE WEIGHTED SEEDING WILL BE USED FOR CALCULATING THE SEEDING AMOUNTS. IF YOUR TEAM'S TOP 4'S AVERAGE IS OVER THE AMOUNT OF PP THAT EQUALS TO RANK 10K AT THE TIME OF SIGN-UPS ENDING, YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.

  10. Prizes are a pending profile badge to every winning team member.

  1. Registration: Sat. June 08 - Sat. June 22
  2. Roster Screening: Sun. June 23 - Sun. June 30
  3. Round of 32: Sat. July 06 - Sun. July 07
  4. Round of 16: Sat. July 13 - Sun. July 14
  5. Quarterfinals: Sat. July 20 - Sun. July 21
  6. Semifinals: Sat. July 27 - Sun. July 28
  7. Finals: Sat. Aug. 03 - Sun. Aug. 04
  8. Grand Finals: Sat. Aug. 10 - Sun. Aug. 11

  1. There will be no Group Stage. Instead, teams will be seeded into a double-elimination bracket from the start of the tournament.

  2. In the Bracket Stage, the winner of each Winners Bracket match advances in the Winners Bracket, while the loser drops to the Losers Bracket. Teams who lose in the Losers Bracket are eliminated from the tournament.

  3. Bracket Stage matches will be best of 9 maps until the semi-final matches, which will be best of 11. Grand Finals will be best of 13.

  4. Players have a 10 minute grace period to be in the lobby for their match. If a team does not have 4 players in the lobby for their match after 10 minutes, their opponents will receive a win by default.

  5. Bracket Stage matches will feature warm-up maps and two map bans per team. For these matches, each team captain will !roll, and the winner of the !roll will have the first warm-up, second and fourth bans, and first pick.

  6. Teams will have two minutes to ban and pick maps, enforced by a referee !mp timer 120. If a team fails to ban during the allotted time, the ban will be awarded to the other team, adding to their amount of maps banned total. If a team fails to pick during the allotted time, the pick will pass to the other team. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterward.

  7. Warm-up picks must be osu!standard maps of 4 minutes or less in drain time. The referee will hold host at all times so please be prepared with a map (/b/ link) to post in chat.

  8. There is no restriction on map selection order: teams may select any available map at any time regardless of mod.

  9. A free-mod pick can include Hidden, Hard Rock, and/or Easy; EACH TEAM IS REQUIRED TO HAVE ONE HIDDEN AND ONE HARD ROCK MOD MINIMUM PER FREEMOD PICK. These can be on the same player. Easy scores will have the default 0.5x multiplier.

  10. Players are allowed, but not required, to use Hidden, Hard Rock, and/or Easy on tiebreakers.

  11. Maps played that result in a tie (wins by 0) will be considered played for picking purposes (the picking order will continue as usual), but the map will be voided and will award no points.

  12. Failed scores count as if they were not fails. Teamfails will, however, end the map and give the point to the team who did not teamfail.

  13. The Grand Finals will feature a bracket reset. This means that the team advancing from the Winners Bracket has to only win one best of 13 series to be crowned champion, while the team from the Losers Bracket must win two series to become the victor.

  14. If a player disconnects within the first thirty seconds of a map as observed by tournament staff, the map will be re-played.

  15. If a player disconnects after the first thirty seconds of a map as observed by tournament staff, the map will continue as normal - there will not be !mp aborts supported by the rules.

Host: Dada
Admin: this1neguy
Graphics: Trigonoculus
Streamers: this1neguy, Weed, PsychoStatic
Commentators: CornLord7117, Weed, PsychoStatic
Referees: LeoFLT, steve_04_, P a t r i c k, this1neguy, Illinon
Mappool Selectors: Cyndere, Dada, Weed,

We are looking for additional referees, streamers and commentators! Join the discord server and ping an admin to join.
nice meme
top 32 teams by PP will be allowed into the tournament
this1neguy#4569 has left the server.
i have a 5 and multiple digits in my rank why cant i participate this ultimately sucks
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