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Enforce a minimum beatmapset total playtime

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A beatmapset was brought to my attention recently for a variety of issues. Upon further inspection, the set had less than a minute of total overall playtime across all of its difficulties, which was rather baffling given that I had erroneously assumed that we had some minimum playtime requirements for sets to even be considered for Ranked.

Thus, I propose the following:

A beatmapset must have a total playtime (across all difficulties) of at least two minutes and forty-five seconds (2:45). Short overall duration sets with a low number of difficulties (1-2) provide little content for players to experience and thus, add little to the ranked category overall. This is made significantly worse at lower star ratings (<2 stars), where less challenging content has considerably less replay value again for most players.

A beatmapset with less than 2min45s overall playtime across all difficulties provides an extremely low level of content given the effort required to pass it through the Ranked category.

In addition, it is my belief that many in the community barely engage with these sets to begin with, especially in cases where the overall difficulty is very low. Many experienced players can double or triple mod FC these maps in such instances with barely any effort and move on, providing them little replay value, and basically reducing such sets to the sole purpose of inflating the mapper's ranked map count more than anything else.

Establishing a minimum 'effort' cutoff via total beatmapset playtime addresses this issue, and ensures that every beatmapset that hits Ranked is at least offering players a reasonable variety of challenges to overcome.

But why 2:45 exactly?

The original proposal set the cutoff at 3:00, but after some discussion with Naxess, he pointed out that this would essentially end many of the slower TV Size sets for calmer songs, as they tend to err towards two difficulties of 1:28, which falls short of the original cutoff.

Otherwise, 2:45 represents a reasonable ground where low duration beatmaps have to at least have several iterations to offer players a more varied challenge.

For example:

  1. A set for a 30s song now needs to encompass at least 6 difficulties
  2. A set for a 45s song now needs to encompass at least 4 difficulties
  3. A set for a 1min song now needs to encompass at least 3 difficulties

Without this cutoff, two difficulty maps of 30s songs remain technically allowed, and with the leniency granted to easier maps under the spread rulings, these two maps can be geared to be infinitely forgettable and largely worthless to the vast, overwhelming majority of people who play the game.

What impact will this have on mapping at large?

Arguably, very little.

This proposal aims to correct an oversight in the Ranking Criteria, not force mappers to accommodate for anything beyond establishing a bare minimum effort level that must be met in order to qualify a set for ranking in the first place. I suspect that very few, if any mappers creating content will encounter any need to even consider this rule addition actively.
yes please

wording could be touched up a bit but this is a step in the right direction towards getting rid of low effort sets
A bit of clarification needed: Does the rule apply in a per-mode basis? i.e. if a song is 30 seconds long and the mapset has 2 diffs per mode (bringing the playtime to 4 minutes), will it be allowed to be ranked?
Kiryu Coco
Can you explain how cases like should be handled?

It is a good song that is worth mapping, the difficulty doesn't support above a very light rain, and it would require 6 diffs to reach 2:45
Under the current setup it would just lead to content bloat.

I do agree that a minimum effort standard should be enforced, but this isn't the solution unless it's adjusted

edit: In addition, a song will not have the same highest level of difficulty. Take a generic anime tv size map: Standard mode would generally have a low-mid 5* top diff, taiko would have a 4* max, ctb 4.5, and mania 3.5-4*.
Having to do a spread in one of the other modes would be even more challenging because there's less difficulty gaps to cover, leading to more redundant content
(Note the difficulty thing was for a tv size length, but the same difficulty scaling would apply to 30-60 second songs, resulting in less room to work with)

The proposal does not work in its current form and needs changes. I don't know what those changes should be but the solution for something subjective as this isn't easy
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