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Hello everyone who is reading this, i am alexa057.
I like osu so much, i played it a lot.

My favourite mode: osu! catch
good to know youre enjoying this game, osu!catch is pretty fun, you can be a good player in near future, i think :3

btw, welcome to the community and enjoy your day
Welcome to osu! Once you get into the groove of things you'll more than likely be stuck here forever with us! :D Have fun though, and if you have any questions feel free to send me a direct message via the site's direct messaging system, or by sending me a direct message in-game if you happen to catch me online. You can also talk to someone from the Global Moderation Team (their names show up as red in the osu! channels in-game) if you have any questions. Again, welcome to osu! and enjoy your stay. :)
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