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Hey! tablet noob here just asking about some settings.

So, a couple days ago my friend let me borrow his VEIKK S640 tablet and i instantly fell in love. After 30min of setting up i was doing a lot better than expected.

Im not sure if all the setting are good and want to change them before i get a bad habit, and have to learn everything again.

So first of all im playing on 1600x900 fullscreen letterbox, 0% offsets on a 144hz 24' 1920x1080 monitor.

The tablet is a VEIKK S640, driver is TabletDriverGUI.

Img with tabletdriversettings:

Osu settings:
Sensivity x1.
Raw input on.
Map absolute raw imput off (should this be on?? Why?).

Os TabletPc support off.

So, should i set the tabletdriver screen map to 1600x900, bacause im using that in Osu, or is 1920x1080 ok and will i get pixel skip?

Is force aspect ratio on good?

And are you seing any conflicts/places i could get better settings.

Also, would you concider that tablet area normal/big/small, and is there any reason i should be using full area?

With thease settings i feel like my keyboard play is letting me down (as it always has) and my aim is good.

Sorry if im posting in a wrong place, its my first post, and english is ny my native language so some things might be a bit off :?
For the tablet driver screen map, usually, people set it to the ratio of their physical monitor. So you can just set the screen map to whatever your monitor's ratio is and you'll be fine.

For force aspect ratio, when you see the screen map setting on your driver, you see that for every 1px of length on your monitor, there is about 1.778 px of width. Force aspect ration adjust your area to fit your monitor's length x width ratio. If you can find your area whether on or off you'll be fine.

For area, most people say if you're comfortable w/ it you'll be fine. But I do think your area is more on the small side. This means that you can reach long areas of your monitor without much movement, but your forgiveness in over or under aiming is much higher (which means you might over or under aim easier). A bigger area allows more forgiveness in aiming when they got accustomed to their area. While it is not my decision, I do recommend you experiment more w/ bigger areas.

Also, if you area plays osu on a windowed border, I think Map absolute raw input is the raw input for the windowed border thing. You can try turning it on or off and see if there is any difference in sensitivity to your cursor.
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Okay thank you!

I have tried bigger areas, but my pinky and the lover area of my hand go sore and start to hurt (gripping the pen just like a normal pen), however, im searching for a different seat with adjustable height to get better hand position, and it could help.

And im playing fullscreen with a resolution smaller than my monitors, to shrink the osu window, so i can see better. (with black borders) any reason i should have windowed w border/borderless?

Im guessing there aren't any setting i should 100% have on/off because im playing on a tablet? Just up to personal preference

Thank you for your help!
I like the VEIKK S640, but one thing I don't like is that fact that I have to hover on it to do stream maps, which makes it a bit difficult because if I try to put the pen on the tablet it, I won't be able to do streams because I am "clicking" it by pressing down on it. Help.
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You can disable mouse buttons by pressing f10 on your keyboard. That will make the cursor move, but it wont register as a click.
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