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I spent the last 2 months playing stream maps non-stop every day but i could improve only by 10bpm-ish.
Right now I can "stream" 130 bpm but i really have a lot of problems controlling my fingers.
I played a lot of maps with high bpm bursts that i could do with some effort and I also tried deathstream maps (they didn't help at all). I also did some finger stretching as well as finger and arm exercises but i really can't gain that much stamina and speed.
I also tried alternating but ended up pressing 2 times the index key and 1 time the middle key and now i'm stuck with this type of "Double Alternating".
Hope y'all could help me because i really need some advice.
For me finger control came naturally because I play the piano which though the keys are heavier than most keyboards does require control.

Assuming u dont have a piano on hand I would recommend trying to tap as gently as possible, focusing on not just hitting them but touching them with care or something.

You might find that you will accidentally not even press the key resulting in a shitmiss but hopefully you will find a balance after practice that allows you to be consistent.
- euphoria -
play maps with lots of different tapping patterns like triples/5 notes/streams and especially those with lots of doubles/quads, at a bpm slightly above your comfortable range.
I used to be like that, what kind of fixed it was finding a more comfortable positioning for both my arms when playing. My arms used to be spaced out when I play as in my clicking keys were A & S and my tablet was a bit on the right so it meant my hands have to be stretched too much, and that actually turned out to hinder my clicking control and ability to get decent accuracy. Although you're probably going to need a different kind of comfortable position for your hands if you don't have one. If you're talking about the weird alternating you got into, just play normal maps and jump maps without much streaming and try to alternate or single tap or whatever you feel more comfortable doing, and eventually you'll change back to whatever kind it was.
If it's streams just watch out for what streaming maps because some are straight up BAD and will fuck up your fingers not in a stamina sense but in a mental sense.

Hope that helped
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