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Does playing on VSync not going to be good in the long run?

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Since I've started playing this game, I've set the frame limiter to VSync because setting it to unlimited gives me lag spikes while playing and it's just plain annoying. I'm used on playing with the input lag caused by the VSync so I'm not really having any issues on playing with this setting.

Is playing on VSync not going to be good in the long run? Am I going to encounter problems on improving when playing with VSync on? I can't play the game properly when I set the frame limit to unlimited because I get lag spikes. I've tried every fix possible (nvidia control panel, exiting other programs when playing, etc.) but nothing works. I have no choice but to play on VSync to prevent these lag spikes. I know playing on unlimited frames is undoubtedly better, my cursor movement was smoother and a bit faster compared when playing with VSync, my timing is a bit off because the input lag is much more lower but I can get used to that, it's just the lag spikes that's causing me trouble and I can't fix it.

So what do I do? Should I keep playing with VSync with the risk of encountering problems in the long run or switch to unlimited frames and just try to bear with the occasional lag spikes?
framecap to 4x your monitor's refresh rate if your gpu can handle it, framecap to 2x monitor refresh otherwise

this way you get most of the latency benefit of unlimited, but with consistent frametimes
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nope, i don't think my pc can even do that. my computer is just so bad
Amanogawa Saya
Use a frame limiter and set it as high as you can without getting lag spikes.
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