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Replacement pen for CTH-480?

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Felix Argyle1
If anyone could link me to a replacement pen for the CTH-480 I'd appreciate it. I've only found one on eBay and it has a multiple month shipping time. If there is a pen that isn't part of the LP series that would work I'd be fine with that to. Can't find one anywhere.

Wacom Support wrote:

Check your tablet model: If it is CTL-460, CTL-470 or CTH-480 you need the LP-160, LP-160E, LP-170, LP-170E or LP-180/LP-180E pen.
The above post doesn't mention it, but the LP-171 works too, I own one and it's definitely compatible.

Good luck finding one for less than the price of a new tablet, though. :/

edit: I think your best bet is probably to get a used CTL-460 with a pen on ebay, just to scavenge the pen. It looks like there are a lot of these listed around $20 to $30 -- most of the CTL-470/480 pens I can find are listed at $65+ just for the pen.
Topic Starter
Felix Argyle1
Yeah, I found one so I'm going to try to order one tomorrow. Thanks a lot, hopefully it works.
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