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because people asked and there don't seem to be any out there and i had one already xd

Make accelerating/decelerating sliders now at your whim! you'll have to use my horrible syntax and follow some rather strict rules on parameters though because i'm lazy af and made this in class. it's also horribly inefficient but hey it works.

How to use it
  1. specs: A string. Syntax is
     where section is the progress along the slider from 0 to 1 of the new section.
      i.e. 0.5 = halfway along the slider (visibly, not duration-wise)
     and speed is the number of repeats made between nodes for the section.
      so thus greater speed = slower
     each section:speed is assumed to be IN INCREASING ORDER by section. i'm too lazy to  
     automatically sort them. so sorry, but yeah. maybe i could add that later but yeah.
  2. radius: An integer. use your common sense and please keep it positive. thanks.
     radius defines the size of the circle your arc will be made from. bigger radius = bigger slider
  3. fraction of a circle: two integers. see radius for the comment on common sense. thanks.
     fraction of a circle defines how much of the circle your arc will span. if you know how many degrees you want just
     make the denominator 360.
  4. x,y: two integers. xy coordinates
     you can define the xy coordinates either to be the starting xy coordinates for your slider...
     or to be the center of the circle from which the arc will be constructed. (252,192) is the center of the osu screen.
  5. direction: which way you want the slider to go.
  6. offset angle: An integer. however many degrees you want to rotate it. default slider (angle = 0) looks like this
  7. offset direction: specifies which way you're rotating the slider.

Your slider code will be automatically copied to clipboard. open up the .osu file to paste it in. you will need to specify the time of the slider. just ctrl+f [time] to locate the start of the slider and where the time parameter for the slider is.

have fun~

pls dont look into source code it's super bad n inefficient

let me know if there are any major issues, i think i tested most stuff and got most of the errors but i'm bad so i probably have some major error somewhere.
Firis Mistlud
The accelerating/deccelerating slider program I was talking about is supposed to work on any slider shape, have intuitive speed input UI and the sliders will look much better (like that aspire entry). Also it comes packaged with some other stuff and that is why it's taking so long.
pogU I’m featured
Its taking so long because im a terrible programmer

aehrea wrote:

Can you explain what this means? I don't understand why you have three times section.
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