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top players with default skin?

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I'm catching fruits for one year now but I never changed the skin, so I wonder:

Are there any really good osu!catch players who play with the default skin?
Not that i know
sub class
hm. i saw a guy on youtube who was using default and was really good with it. i'm using default too but i barely scratch 3-digit.

wait, i'll look for the guy and edit my post if i find him. i think he's not active anymore.
edit: i found him :D i can't find him as a user but you can probably see he's pretty good.

edit 2: wow i'm on a detective streak. here's his profile
I wonder if there are any top players who play with default keys(left right and shift)
I know Ken Doll used to play the default skin for a long time but I dunno.
ken doll and he hang erika from what i know probably some others too
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