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✧Request type: Avatar collab
✧Size: 400x400
✧Text: Nano (The guy) Inhyun (The girl)
✧Picture link:
✧Shape/Border: None
✧Extras: I would like it to have a very nice filter that makes it stand out with the text :)
✧Request type: Collab Avatar
✧Size: 256x256
✧Text:Riyo (boy), Lobsterr (girl)
✧Picture link: /
✧Shape/Border:square, inside line
✧Extras: up to u.
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): take ur time~

Celsea wrote:

So many requests, so little time awaaa. Sorry for the long delay this time, I didn't have much time at all this week as I've been busy with my Finals, Tournament GFX, and also spending time for myself. At the time of writing this, all requests aren't in this post due to there just being a vast amount. So to avoid myself being confused with all this BB code, I will be editing this post with all the post until I cover all the ones needed. Sorry for the late post as well.

Edit: All posts updated. Sorry again for the delay, I'll be getting back on pace next week. If there was anyone I didn't address, please message me!

Dani6 - That signature is way to large for the osu forums. Did you want it for osu or another forum? If it's for another, I can try and make it for those dimensions, if it is then I'll make it the normal size.
Small - Sorry for the super long delay but I didn't look at the image link until just earlier this week. Could I maybe ask for a image change, it isn't a render so the quality would drop considerably :c (I'm not good at rendering)
FlandreScarlet0 - Does that image fit on the new osu website? I'm sorry I'm not very knowledgeable so I don't know if it auto resizes :c, if so then I can make it no prob~
Ew4n - Did you want text or..? I think I might be reading your request, it's a bit strange. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Tatu, Kioshi, S h i n - WIP, gif banners take a little while sorry ;;, it will be on next Wednesday update sorry for the inconvience!
ShadowWolf - WIP
Tomotori - The person I asked to do the render still hasn't responded. I'm sorry since I know I've been delaying this but if they don't give me the render by next wednesday I'll have to cancel your request or ask you to change the request :c.
Thank you!
Its fantastic, I honestly love your work, I am so sorry for not noticing you finished it earlier, I've been pretty busy myself moving to a different place and obtained a new job.

I congratulate you for being officially a High School Graduate! Genuinely, the best of wishes for you and your hopes & dreams!
Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): 2 Avatars, same picture for both
Size: idk, gonna use it for discord/osu probably
Text: Boy_314 or boy_314 or BOY_314 (case sensitive, you choose whatever looks best for both)
Picture link:
Shape/Border: One square inside line, one circle edged line
- for both: use the same font, your pick as long as it's legible and not too over the top.
- circle edged line: try to integrate the text into the border, like how my current profile pic here is.
Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): what. take ur time im not in a hurry
✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): osu! Profile Banner!

✧Size: [Approximately 600 px (?) ~ Pixel Width of me! Section Without Creating Horizontal Scrollbars] x 180 px

✧Text: Spaced [insert provided GIF here] Out

✧Picture/Animation Link: GIF

✧Shape/Border: Rounded!

> Minimalist Style. Main idea is to have the GIF separating my username in the banner!

> For the font for 'Spaced ... Out' in the banner, please use a thin, geometrically elegant, and futuristic font that preferably also has rounded corners that matches the border of the banner.

> In the GIF, the background utilizes a dark purple color close to Indigo/Rebecca Purple. (Favorite color of mine.) Please blend/match the background color of the banner with the GIF!

> Anything else creative you want to do - feel free! Minimalist is just a thematic guideline, not a strict constraint. The banner would be replacing the standalone GIF on my osu! profile page. I like smooth geometry.

✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): As long as you like! Thank you. <3
✧Request type: Stream overlay

✧Game Resolution: 1920x1080

✧Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

✧Webcam Resolution: 800x448

✧Background: Choose for me, please :3

✧Name/Text: Graphit3

✧Character: snow miku 2018

✧Current song: yes

✧Recent Donation: yes

✧Recent Follower: yes

✧Chat: yes

Thank you in advance

Good luck
type: banner
size: 623x192
text: "Les Objectifs D'Hikona"
border: normal
animation/gif: no
Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): Take your time bro
Size: perfect for Discord and Osu Perhaps :)
Text: Left to right, Felinelol, Kat
Border: Shape: Circle no border
Request due date: Nah im good just take your time Love your artwork :)
Winter Nyang
✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): Avatar
✧Size: 128x128
✧Text: Left: KoToNoHa / Right: Winter Nyang
✧Picture link:
✧Shape/Border: Rounded / No border
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): Thank you very much <3
✧Request type: Avatar
✧Size: 200 x 200
✧Text: Tomo
✧Picture link:
✧Shape/Border: Square/Inside line
✧Extras: Use this font pls :3
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): Take your time :3
✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): Collab
✧Size: 128x128 / 256x256 (whatever works best)
✧Text: Left: Pozy Right: Kozy
✧Picture link: Here
✧Shape/Border: Square, edged line.
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): Take your time!
Little Sister
✧Request type: Avatar Collab
✧Size: 128x128
✧Text: (starting from left): Imouto, Hino, Sooki
✧Picture link:here
✧Shape/Border: Rounded, Edged Line
✧Extras: can you also make a collab banner for the profile
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): You can take your time, no need to rush
- Euphoric -
✧Game Resolution: 1600*900
✧Screen Resolution: 1920*1080
✧Webcam Resolution (if you have one): None
✧Background (if not provided I will find one myself): Pastel preferably
✧Name/Text: Euphoric
✧Character (optional):
✧Current song (optional): Yes
✧Extra Details, example, chat, recent follower/donator, top donator etc.: chat, latest follower/donator
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): no

Thank you
✧Request type: Avatar
✧Size: 256x256
✧Text: pSyxx515
✧Picture link:
✧Shape/Border: Rounded, Edged Line + Circle, Edged Line
✧Request type: Banner(If you want to you can do an animated one)
✧Text: pSxx' userpage
✧Picture link:
✧Shape/Border: Rounded, Edged Line

✧Extras(Avatar + Banner): Using this font is optional
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): No, you're doing many other request I guess and I don't wanna stress you even more than I am doing now.
Sorry if its a bit much.
Thank you.
Little Sister

Little Sister wrote:

✧Request type: Avatar Collab
✧Size: 128x128
✧Text: (starting from left): Imouto, Hino, Sooki
✧Picture link:here
✧Shape/Border: Rounded, Edged Line
✧Extras: can you also make a collab banner for the profile
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): You can take your time, no need to rush
I want to cancel my request, sorry, Ive seen someone using this pic already
✧Request type: Pagepicture?
✧Size: would be the best if it would stays roughly the same size
✧Text: A bit complicated <.< no need to fill the text yourself i kinda just need an emtpy shell?
similar to my Old Profile My old Psd Data might help
Old Psd
if you have any questions feel free to ask <-<
✧Picture link: just the old psd <.<
✧Extras: is it Possible to do some effects on it xx? like glowing stars
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): Take your time~ I am grateful for every help!
✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): Avatar
✧Size: 128x128
✧Text: No
✧Picture link:
✧Shape/Border: Square/No Border
✧Extras: Simplistic, I want mostly the face.
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): No

Thank you :)
l Mare l
✧Request type: Stream overlay

✧Game Resolution: 1920x1080 (can be scaled down at 16:9)

✧Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

✧Webcam Resolution: None

✧Background: Whatever you think fits :)

✧Name/Text: pentadyne

✧Character: Shuichi Nitori (Please pick a feminine picture of her)

✧Current song: Yes

✧Extra Details:
I like the color purple!
If you could have a chat box that would be amazing!

✧Request Due Date: Nope! Take your time :)
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