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Closed :(

Too much on my mind, too much stress, and some mean people have ruined this experience for me. Sorry for all the people I let down, I' m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to Cindelluna, Yeong Yuseong, Lwl, Whink, and SilverMoonWolf for helping me with this passion project that I've been wanting to do for a very long time now. I love you all, and I'm so glad to be back!

Don't spam requests.
Don't multi-request.
Don't pm me your request, post all requests here.
✧Be sure to check the page to see if your request is done.
Use high quality pictures.
Please be patient :c, if you're curious on progress please message me on discord!
Please try and use renders if you can! It helps me a lot since I'm not very good at rendering art myself.

✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.):
✧Picture link:
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when):

✧Game Resolution:
✧Screen Resolution:
✧Webcam Resolution (if you have one):
✧Background (if not provided I will find one myself):
✧Character (optional):
✧Current song (optional):
✧Extra Details, example, chat, recent follower/donator, top donator etc.:
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when):

Square - - - - - ~ ~ ~ ~ Circle ~ ~ ~ ~ - - - - - Rounded

Custom(any shape you want)

No border - - - - - ~ ~ ~ ~ Dotted ~ ~ ~ ~ - - - - - Inside line

Edged line - - - - - ~ ~ ~ ~ Dashed line ~ ~ ~ ~ - - - - - Overlapping line

Custom(state any other type of border you'd like)

Support Me!


kawaii desu
your art looks cute

Good luck :3
can i ask do u accept BG edit? i already tried about 80% myself, but im in trouble cuz i don hav a good idea about rest of it like font design.. i need help but if u don mind, wanna request some BG edit if i can
✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): Avatar
✧Size: 128x128
✧Text: Nakano-
✧Picture link: Click
✧Shape/Border: Circle/No border
✧Extras: handwriting-like font preferred. Also, make two of it (one without text and one with text) if possible.
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): No, take your time on this.

✧Request type: (Avatar, Banner, etc.): Banner
✧Size: 600 x 188
✧Text: Failure is the stepping stone of success, right?
✧Picture link: Nakano Miku Render (Let me know if the link doesn't work. If you don't want to use a render, you can then choose any other pictures as long as it features her and only her.)
✧Shape/Border: no border
✧Extras: Add a gif (any gif of her) in the banner. Animated text if possible.
✧Request Due Date (Yes or no and when): No, take your time on this.
Hello, I have a request (as if you didn't know):

Request type: Stream overlay

Game Resolution: 1536x864

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

Webcam Resolution: 360x240

Background: Choose for me, please :3

Name/Text: Spartan Plume

Character: Ethel (I have this, but if you find better, don't hesitate)

Current song: Yes

Extra Details:
  1. For the game resolution, you can modify the size (not too much), but keep 16:9
  2. For the webcam resolution, you can modify the size to arrange your need, it's not fixed
  3. I would like 2 boxes for recent follower/donator, but not mandatory
  4. You can inspire yourself with my joke try to make an overlay (smh): https://puu.sh/DsLM1/68cdabe665.png (don't mind the green btw, I prefer you choose a color that goes well with my character)
  5. I want the top right space left open (but you can add the character there) so that I can change it to what I want depending on situation (see example)
  6. Not mandatory, but if you can add a small animation to the overlay, it would be awesome!

Request Due Date: No, being cute is more important than being fast :3

Stay cute and take care of yourself. c:
✧Request type: Stream overlay

☆Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080

☆Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

☆Webcam Resolution (if you have one): i love Miku

☆Background (if not provided I will find one myself): miku

☆Name/Text: Crihs
☆Character (optional): Miku

☆Current song (optional): i love miku

☆Extra Details, example, chat, recent follower/donator, top donator etc.: miku

✧Request Due Date: As long as Miku is not die
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