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  • Hello guys and welcome to my queue. As usual, this thread is made to help other people

with their maps. But there's one thing special in this thread that you won't see at any queue. I mod

maps until I think they are ready for ranking. I will do my best to get a map ranked as soon as possible.

Because that's what most people want in the society now. I don't just mod and go like someone else.


This part is a list of rules to get your map listed on this queue. Do your best to follow them.
  1. Your map must have at least 5 stars from other people. This is to prove that people think your

    map has great potentials and needs priority.

  2. Your map must have at least 3 mods or at least 1 mod from a MAT or a BAT. Because I can't

    take the whole responsibility to get your map ranked. Everyone has their own limitations.

*Additional Rules may be added, check my last post in this thread for more information.


This part is the list of maps that I will be modding.

  1. - Flask

  2. - EmPao

  3. - B2IN

  4. - BeatofIke

  5. - XavierJones

  6. - Royston

  7. - HanzeR

  8. - Xierra

  9. - P o M u T a


This part is a list of maps that I've modded and I think are bubble ready and or rank worthy.

  1. heidi. - Loop (TV size) by PainSinger


This part is a list of all the maps I've modded that are now ranked!

  1. Kanon Wakeshima - Foul Play ni Kurari (TV Size) by hoLysoup
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1st Wave is Open! First 10 maps gets a chance to get a Full Mod! Hurry (:
Well, I can't say it's bubble-worthy because I still need to add a video (the 2nd episode airs today xD), but yeah, the maps should be fine~
Thanks :D
I'm not gonna say that it's bubble-ready by myself but well...

Thanks :)
i'm prefer only the hitsound mod though, if you don't mind
riffy it's ok?
no, sorry
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Already accepted CXu's. One more ~ ^^
Star Stream
This map :3
Thank you
Hi~ Philip~ miss you for a long time.....
Take a look~
My friend~ :3
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10 Maps, and the thread is closed. (: Will randomly mod the winner by tomorrow. ^^
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Reopen since I'm bored. No extra rules. Go go go ~

FFFFUUUUU- Only 4 stars from other users but I think it's bubble-worthy D:
Thanks anyways :<

Now I have 5 stars from other users lol
Star Stream
13 mods in total, got 6 stars from other mapper
4 of them are not familiar to me until they mod this map

hope to get the full mod from you...~

edit: no MATs post yet, no BATs post yet orz
edit2 : leorda modded.... dont even think of him when i think of MATs hahaah
hello,Urgent need modding - one diff. [Hard]
Serebro - Mama Luba +28
I agree if you want to m4m.
Thank you.
Already have 10+ mods and 8 stars from other mappers
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