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[added] Approach rate on website

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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
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Support >w<
why is this not added yet.
- O n i -
good request but you can tell what AR it is through just playing the game long enough
would be nice though
Rizumu Tenshi
Is this a bump...?

Anyway, I have to support this feature, and it needs to be added, as, if it ever happens, some people may be looking for AR9 maps, and they don't know who's AR9, who's AR8 and who's AR10 unless they download. And also some people cannot tell the AR so they're forced to:
  1. Go to the editor and see what's the AR
  2. Ask anyone who can tell what's the AR

Adding this will save time and highlights, I gotta say. Too bad I have 2 votes only D: Here's one

Just a little bit more to add on... I'd suggest to stick with the same order of things. This feature (if it gets added), the CS/HP/AR/OD on the song selection screen in the Edit tab, and the HP/CS/AR/OD on the Difficulty tab of the beatmap editor should be in the same order, for the sake of consistency.x

But that's just my little bit of OCD.

I would totally support, if I had stars. I don't even spend any, so I'm not even sure why I have 0.
Quite literally I ran into this issue today. I was speccing someone testplaying my map and they asked me what my AR was. I didn't remember, so I looked on the thread, and it didn't have it ;A;
S..S..S..Support owob
Having this in the client would be awesome. Considering we can search for it in the client why not just display it... somewhere? +1
AR display will be very useful in mp.

Current beatmap listing isn't very easy to read when one needs those vital information in limited timeframe. A rework to group and display AR/CS/OD in a format similar to osu!tp will be easier to read than counting stars imo:

Vuelo Eluko
I find the vast majority of mid to high difficulty insanes are AR9. you can even usually tell by success rate % [taking into account song length] but this is a lot harder than just putting it up there with circle size, accuracy, drain etc.

we should also put OD up there too if were putting AR

CS4-5 AR9 is heaven.


Aqo wrote:


why can't there just be a nice little table that shows all stats

great idea
All 20 of my stars for you because we need this! I need to know in multi whether I should be able to play HR or not without making about 10 extra clicks to find the map on osu!tp... xD
I was about to make a thread on this. I didn't know what AR was for 4 months when I started. Why is it such a secret stat?
I'm going to bump this topic because we have approach rates shown in-game now. I don't see why they couldn't also be on the beatmap listing on the website now as well.

My main reason for wanting this on the website is for multiplayer when I'm downloading a map I haven't played before, and would like to know what the approach rate is when I download, without having to ask the host every time, or leave the match and open the map in singleplayer.

EDIT: Right now I'm staying in the match and opening the .osu files with a text editor after I download. Still a pain.
This seems necessary, I'm tired of going to bloodcat while in a multiplayer lobby to see a maps AR.
Have 10 stars from me!
[peppy] Display approach rate (AR) on beatmap info pages. ...
Added! Will take a while for changes to propagate though.

Marcin wrote:

[peppy] Display approach rate (AR) on beatmap info pages. ...
Added! Will take a while for changes to propagate though.
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