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Eimi Fukada
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on jeudi 25 juin 2020 at 21:26:40

Artist: yuikonnu
Title: Songs Compilation
Tags: 放課後ストライド houkago stride ギガンティックO.T.N Gigantic OTN 愛×愛ホイッスル SymphonicBranch LOVE x LOVE Whistle Ai × 恋空予報 Koizora Yohou 星達のメロディ Hoshitachi no Melody 威風堂々 ifuudoudou 病名恋ワズライ Byoumei Koiwazurai かくしごと Kakushigoto 深海少女 Shinkai Shoujo 妄想スケッチ Mousou Sketch 現実ゲーム Genjitsu Game 有頂天ビバーチェ Uchouten Vivace ゴールデンジャーニー Golden Journey drop 初恋の絵本 Hatsukoi no Ehon ハートの後味 Heart no Atoaji yaleufeu kyuukai giga-p kagamine len rin 鏡音リン レン reol gumi last note denpol-p hatsune miku 初音ミク PolyphonicBranch matsushita 松下 mafumafu IA crossbeats REV. cross×beats capcom meis clauson after school ミカグラ学園組曲 mikagura gakuen kumikyoku school suite vocaloid deep sea girl yuuyup 40mP 40meterP Delusion Sketch if you do pomp and circumstance umetora megpoid megurine luka 梅とら nijiiro chocolatier 虹色ショコラティエ strawberrhythm sengen ストロベリズム宣言 seasonal magic honeyworks gom first love picture book The Heart Aftertaste secret Forecast for My Weather japanese pop rock
BPM: 225
Filesize: 14858kb
Play Time: 08:08
Difficulties Available:
  1. Strawberrhythm x Chocolate (6,66 stars, 1902 notes)

Download: yuikonnu - Songs Compilation
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Imagine ranking a map in 2020

1 : Houkago Stride 225BPM
2 : Gigantic OTN 190BPM
3 : Love X Love Whistle 180BPM
4 : Koizora Yohou 132BPM
5 : Kakushigoto 200BPM
6 : Hoshitachi no Melody 182BPM
7 : Shinkai Shoujo 137BPM
8 : Musou Sketch 174BPM
9 : Ifuudoudou 130BPM
10 : Genjitsu Game 200BPM
11 : Uchouten Vivace 266BPM
12 : Golden Journey 178BPM
13 : drop 85BPM
14 : Byoumei Koiwazurai 160BPM
15 : Hatsukoi no Ehon 190BPM
16 : Heart no Atoaji 186BPM

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