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Hey gamers, I'm Kalesy (in the one hosting). I've reffed multiple other tournaments and wanted to try hosting my own!

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*OKK is a 2v2, ScoreV2, Double Elimination tournament

*OKK will be played Team VS.

*Okk has a rank range of 500-3k, with a buffer of 50 ranks by reg close.

*1 ban per team throughout the tournament.

*No bans during qualifiers.

*Teams may not ban from the same pool.

*Each team gets 1 warmup that is less than 5:00 in length.

*Freemod requires either HD, HR, EZ(Double Scored), or FL.

*TB can only be played match point for each team.

*Each team gets 1 disconnection per match within 30 seconds of map start. (Mention to ref ASAP)

*Disconnection during qualifiers will be replayed at the end.

*Qualifiers will only be played once.

*Roll winner picks first.

*To Reschedule team captains must do so 24 hours before the match unless there is an emergency.

*You may have 4 players to a team, but only 2 can play at a time.

*Failed Scores only count during qualifiers towards team score.

*No staff aside from Streamers are allowed to play.

*Teams get 2 player changes during qualifiers (after qualifiers you can sub players as you wish)

*If there are less than 16 teams registered, we will play qualifiers to round teams down (8,4,2 etc.).

*Refs can do the macarena only on a Tuesday while naked in the summer in Florida.

*All members of a team must be within a 50 rank buffer before registrations close.

*BWS will be taken into account.

*If only 1 member of a team shows up to a match, the match can be FF or the member can play solo.

*Best of 7 for RO 16, Best of 9 for quarters to semis, best of 11 for finals.

*Qualifiers will be score based.

*Registration opens on 5/16/2019, at 0:00 UTC

*Registration Closes on 6/1/2019, at 0:00 UTC

*First matches will be played a week after registration ends.

*Map pool releases every Monday

*Register Here*

*To register all members must be in the discord with all team members Discord names matching their osu! names.

*Team captain will submit the registration form with this info
Team name (Must follow Discord and Twitch TOS)
All Player names
All Player Discords + tags
Team time zone (UTC)

*Staff regs Open NOW!!!!!11!!1!

*Staff must be punctual(Don't Ref matches you can't take)

*Staff Represent the tournament so please be professional

*Not a must but previous staffing experience preferred

*To register fill out the staff registration form Here

Hosts:Kalesy, Jessechugaga
Poolers:_Lily_, Azu-nyan,
Referees:Kalesy, Jessechugaga, Doplux, _Lily_

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