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[Mania] Theya's NM Queue (Beginner) [OPEN]

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- Theya -
I'm new in modding and i want to learn ^^

Format :
Artist - Title :
Link :
Length :
Difficulty (which you want me to mod) :
Extra : (If you have another things to say)

Rules :
Not more than 3 min
Not more than 5*
I'm beginner in modding so if you are already a good mapper I don't think I can mod much :c

I have the choice of mod or not mod your map.
If I didn't mod, it means I was not enough good or it is already good enough :D

I think its fine :)
Joe Castle
Artist - Title: Imura Eriko AND I BEGIN TO WONDER
Length: 0:37 (0:32 Drain time)
Difficulty: All 3
Extra: UwU

Thank You!
o/ o/ o/

Artist - Title : Hino Isuka - Mechanical Jager
Link :
Length : 2:13
Difficulty (which you want me to mod) : Any but prioritize NM since it hasn’t received any mod yet
Extra : Insane is pretty jack-heavy so yea

Tysm :3
Artist - Title: Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It
Length: 0:31
Difficulty: Every one
Extra: nothing at all

Artist - Title : Mesenghe - Curse of Cho Hye-ryeon and Tae-bo
Link :
Length : 1:09 (1:09 drain)
Difficulty (which you want me to mod) : Normal
Extra : just Korean Meme song

nm req please..

Artist - Title : neko hacker - chocolate adventure ft.nanahira
Link :
Length : 3:14
Difficulty (which you want me to mod) : any diff , all diff if posible
Extra : ignore sv on higest diff cuz not yet done

thx in advance
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