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[STD] Tales' Queue [NM/M4M] [Closed]

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Status: CLOSED

Map to M4M:
Don't post same map twice, but you can post two different maps

I don't like the song; (have not happened yet)
I did not found anything to be modded;
I don't like the map; (happened but I modded anyway)
You're on my blacklist (hopefully it's not it).

I'll mod almost every map
Just post your map and be happy
I start modding from the first to the last request;
If the map set has more than one diff, I'll start from the top one then go to the bottom ones;
I may not mod some diffs or mod a little less because either I'm tired or I already gave various mods in other diffs that serves to that specific diff as well;
Some mods that I give may function to other parts of the song that also have the problem, so, check for it.

If you are on my whitelist you can just PM me even if queue is closed

No one :)
All my mutual friends
Hello, nm please
thanks (surrender the throne ooooo oooahahajaoo)
Hi. NM request here.
Song Name:Can do
Length 1:30
BPM 200
preferably insane and lower to mod thanks
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Gabdu09 wrote:

nm or m4m
M4M please
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