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Yo, somehow got motivated back from this game, gimme maps so that I can mod your you

Still old rules, maybe some changes :v
Important: I accept Taiko and STD mode but I only can do a NM in STD, for Taiko is NM/M4M/GD.


I am currently Semi-active at GD and map Taiko. Feel free to request me GD at anytime.

  1. You should be an intermediate mapper and have at least 1 ranked mapset to make sure you don't make my diff go into grave
  2. Please I can map Taiko. I can't map STD at the moment. I'm improving :/
  3. Song should be appeal to me.
  4. Sorry, don't PM request me, it's actually pretty annoying when I turn on gmail.
  5. You map has full spread except need GDers. To make sure that I can check the spread and map

Prefer types of songs:
Mostly accept: Electronic, Metal, Video Games, EDM
Can be accepted: Anime, low BPM maps
Won't accept Deathmetal, Meme

Prefer difficulty:
Oni > Muzukashii > Inner Oni > Kantan > Futsuu


I am currently semi-active at NM and M4M, but I easily reject your map if you follow this reason:
  1. Your map didn't have at least 1 modder in it
  2. I don't like your song
  3. Your map is too good

If you got accepted:
  1. Please wait for me at least more than 4 days (actually, 1 week pls, I have soooo much work I need to do first) to receive mods from me
  2. If I forgot your request after 1 week or longer, PM me asap!
  3. ...
None, let me create some.

Ask me in-game if you have any question

Good luck :)
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Open for 5 NMs, any mode. :v
Hey long time no see!
And here is the map for NM :)
Thanks in advance!!
Fallen Cake
hello, nm request:
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Feels bored so maybe 2 more NMs? Let's go
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